Webinar: Leverage Support Analytics with HappyFox BI


Announcing the HappyFox Webinar Series. We plan to cover a wide range of topics like automating your organizational processes, making data-driven business decisions, and providing exceptional customer experiences.

Learn how HappyFox BI can help you perform powerful analytics on the customer support data, helping you improve processes, increase performance, and achieve better results. Get a chance to see HappyFox BI in action and talk to our product specialists.

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Drill-down your Reports through Filters

You can now filter your reports using conditions based on various ticket properties or custom fields. This will make it easier for you to understand reports better as well as help you to drill-down on specific aspects.

Filters that are added on the report level will be applied automatically to all widgets in the report.

Screenshot 2020-05-14 at 11.09.23 AM.png

Learn more about Report Filters ->

Pop Over to display ‘From’, ‘To’, ‘Cc’, ‘Bcc’ details of a ticket update

Clicking the dropdown near the profile/name in a ticket reply update will now open a pop-over with the following ticket update information:

  • From e-mail address
  • To e-mail address
  • Cc recipients
  • Timestamp
  • Bcc recipients

pasted image 0 (14).png

This information is handy, as you'd no longer have to scroll all the way to the end of a long ticket reply update to know the Cc/Bcc recipients.

Contact Notification Template - Cc Recipients

When a contact adds a reply from the customer portal and adds cc recipients, the cc'd recipients receive an email notification on the update added.

We've introduced a new notification template inside Manage >> Notifications to customize the notification template that is being sent to them.

pasted image 0 (13).png

Learn more about notifications sent to contacts

Miscellaneous Bug Fixes and Security Improvements

Bug Fixes:

  • Fixed: If a multi-brand link is long and truncated, the link became a string and not clickable inside Manage >> Multi-brands.
  • Fixed: Error was wrongly displayed when alert-to recipients were added and removed sequentially while composing a private note.
  • Fixed: Satisfaction survey emails were getting sent ahead of agent replies that triggered them.

Security Improvements:

Authtoken removal - We were previously storing AuthToken in LocalStorage across the entire HappyFox application. For better security, we will now have session authentication that is cookie-based.

‘Due date’ now available as a merge field

Ticket property - 'Due Date' is now available as a merge field for use inside:

  • Canned actions
  • Notifications: Contact & Agent
  • Smart rules
  • SLA Notifications
  • Satisfaction Surveys

Screenshot 2020-05-06 at 1.49.05 PM.png

Other enhancements:

  • Search bar added in Merge ticket modal window for quick access to tickets.

unnamed (7).png

  • Slovak Language support added for self-service components - KB, Support Center, and Contact Portal.
  • Agent Portal Language support for Croatian, Arabic, Spanish and Italian are Available on demand.

Contact Groups Report

The all-new Contact Groups Report lets you visualize essential metrics like Tickets Submitted, No. of replies, SLA breaches, and more against each contact group for a given time period.


For more information visit: Contact Groups Report KB article

Heads up: The Contact Groups report is being rolled in batches out to HappyFox accounts belonging to Enterprise or higher plans. In case you would like to get access to this report sooner, send an e-mail to support@happyfox.com.

Private Categories visibility issue and other bug fixes

Private categories were previously not displayed in the new ticket form (v2.0) to contacts belonging to contact groups that were associated with private categories. This behavior is now fixed with the private categories now being available for selection inside the category dropdown.

Other Bug Fixes:

  • Fixed: Adding an image via Canned action in the agent side ticket update, did not correspondingly reflect in e-mail notifications sent to contacts.
  • Fixed: Support Agents were unable to login to Happyfox using Safari 13.1 browser when 2-factor authentication was enabled.
  • Fixed: Few Contact portal strings were not translated into the Korean Language.
  • Fixed: My Settings and Logout links of the v2.0 Support Center were getting shown even for pre-login users when accessed through mobile.
  • Fixed: Copy-pasting a restricted image from Gmail was getting rendered as empty images in Ticket Details Page.
  • Fixed: Agent new ticket form was getting distorted crumbled on High-Resolution screens.
  • Fixed: JWT users are unable to login to the support center if the origin URL is not the same as the remote login URL.
  • Fixed: Session Timeout feature was erroneously disabled for Enterprise plus pricing plan accounts.
  • Fixed: The Primary brand's password reset link was getting sent when forgot password is requested from a multi-brand.
  • Fixed: Inline attachment URL was getting replaced with a full URL in the ticket reply editor.

Double Click to instantly apply Canned Actions in Ticket Replies

Double-clicking the canned action name inside the canned action window will instantly apply the corresponding canned action to the ticket reply. A single click will load the canned action preview.

2020-04-06 16-52-15.2020-04-06 16_53_54.gif

Internal Article Views are now Counted

Agent visits to internal KB articles are now counted throughout the application. The view count statistic is displayed inside the "Analytics" block in the article details page.

Screenshot 2020-03-27 at 8.24.45 PM.png