See recent tickets of a contact within ticket details

A new option called Recent Ticket is introduced within ticket details page sidebar. You can access it by clicking on Recent Ticket link on the right top corner of the Contact Information section.

Clicking this will show up to 5 recently created tickets of that contact, with a link to go to the ticket details page. Read more

Add more recipients to billing emails

You can now add up to 5 email addresses who will receive all HappyFox billing-related emails.

You can also add emails addresses of people who are not agents in your HappyFox account. Read more

Also, periodic warnings will now be shown for agents with Manage billing permission, in case of non-payment, to avoid account suspension.

Grant billing page access to more administrators

A new permission has been introduced to allow more agents to access the billing page, edit card information, add agent licenses, etc.

The permission is called Manage Billing. This permission is currently disabled for all roles. You can enable it for the relevant roles.

Note: Account administrator will always be able to access the billing page irrespective of the permission.

Here is a step-by-step guide on how to provide billing page access to more agents.

Fixed: Queues showing incorrect tickets

In many HappyFox accounts, Ticket queues were showing tickets that did not match the queue conditions, due to errors that were caused by an issue with our Search infrastructure.

We have fixed the root cause of the issue and initiated re-sync for all queues. All accounts are expected to be fixed within the next 10-12 hours.

New Ticket, Custom Fields & University updates

  1. New ticket: You can now hide or show non-mandatory fields.Read more
  2. Custom Fields: Required on completion fields will now be indicated with symbol in new ticket and ticket details.Read more
  3. New lessons added to HappyFox University.
  4. You can now change contact on a Merge winner ticket. This action will change the contact for all the merged tickets. Read more
  5. Minor bug fixes

Aircall Integration: Link calls to existing tickets

You can now link calls to existing tickets of existing contacts.

In case multiple contacts with the same number, you can choose which contact to create or update the ticket for.

Agent Script: Track time taken to submit a script

You can now track the time taken to submit an agent script, similar to replies and private notes.

You can choose to have auto-timer or manual timer, which finally appends the time value to "time spent" field in the ticket.

MS Dynamics: Restrict Private Notes from syncing

You can now restrict HappyFox Private notes from being synced to MS Dynamics cases.

To do this, go to Apps >> MS Dynamics and turn off the toggle that says 'Push Private Notes to CRM'.

Ringcentral, Salesforce & API updates

  • RingCentral: Option to not convert Internal Calls as Tickets.
  • Salesforce: Now create leads in Salesforce from HappyFox.
  • API: Added Created at / Updated at in Contacts API and last modified in Tickets API
  • Performance improvements for ticket search and realtime updates on ticket list page.

Bug Fixes & Performance improvements

  • New Agent KB: Search relevance fixed; Default fonts & line height issues fixed.
  • Make hiding / re-ordering default queues consistent.
  • Several other minor bug fixes.

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