Track Events - Google Analytics

You can now track HappyFox Chat related events on Google Analytics using Google Tag Manager. Read More

Custom Pre-Chat Form Fields

Custom Pre-Chat Form Fields has been one of our most requested features since launch. You can now add your own custom pre-chat fields to the chat widget. You can add a text field, dropdown, checkbox or radio button fields.

Agents will be able to see pre-chat form data and edit what the visitors have submitted through the agent chat window. Read More.

Chrome Extension for HappyFox Chat

New Chrome Extension for HappyFox Chat.

You can now install HappyFox Chat as an extension on Chrome. Using this extension, you will have easy access to your Chat dashboard and have HappyFox Chat pinned to your browser.

Right now, it functions just like a handy shortcut, but we will be adding more features like chat notifications down the line.

Sign in with Google

If you are using Google Apps then you can now have agents authenticate themselves by their existing Google apps login. No need to remember HappyFox Chat login password anymore!

New account signup can now be completed in 1-click through authenticating via Google.

Enhanced Password Policy

Enhanced password policy to make your HappyFox Chat agent login more secure.

Read More

Security Feature - Agent Login Lockout

An agent account will be locked out for an hour if there are 5 continuous invalid login attempts from the same IP address.

Content Security Policy (CSP)

HappyFox Chat now supports Content Security Policy (CSP) out of the box.

All Agents Busy - Hide Widget

We have now introduced a new option using which you can hide the visitor widget when all your agents have hit their throttle limit (they are busy!!). Instead of showing them the offline form you can now decide to not show them the widget itself. Read More.

Export: Was it a triggered chat?

The report export now contains two new columns "Triggered chat name and Triggered chat message" which'll help you fetch information about whether the visitor chose to initiate chat through Triggered Chat prompt. Its now possible for you to find out how successful your triggered chat(s) functionality is. Integration

We now integrate with popular screen sharing application

Read More

No published changelogs yet.

Surely HappyFox Chat will start publishing changelogs very soon.

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