API Access

We're excited to announce that API access has now been released! This has been a widely requested feature and look forward to hearing our user feedback.

Whoop heart rate and workouts

Users can now download heart rate and workout data from WHOOP.


Statistical analysis is now performed each time your data is updated. We've added new pages showing this analysis and scatterplots to show the relationship between selected metrics.

Oura temperatures

Oura temperatures were not shown as deviations on the dashboard. This has now been fixed.

Oura refresh errors

Some Oura API refresh tokens were being rejected and not being caught as an error. In addition, some Oura fields were not calculating correctly. These have now been fixed.

Whoop strain format

Whoop strain score was incorrectly formatted as a percent. This has been corrected.

Metric conversions

A minor fix was made to how the dashboard was converting between imperial and metric values.

More charts

All WHOOP, Oura, and Withings charts are now available on the dashboard.

Customize your dashboard

You can now adjust which charts show on your dashboard and the order in which they appear.

Data refresh bug

Some accounts were timing out when refreshing their WHOOP data. This has now been fixed.