Growthmethod changelog
Growthmethod changelog

Experiment complete notification




A new email notification is now sent when an experiment is moved to complete, this is the same as the idea submitted and experiment started notifications. Similarly, a new confirmation dialog is shown before sending.

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Stats row on individual reports




A new stats row has been added to individual reports.

This new row shows the number of New ideas, Started experiments, Completed experiments and Successful experiments for the individual during the select period (90 days by default), in addition to providing a comparison with the previous period.

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This is an initial release of this new functionality with further updates planned.

Improve styling of email notifications




Email notifications have received a long overdue styling update 🙂

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Top scoring ideas




You can now filter for 'Top scored ideas' with the Ideas Submitted homepage widget.

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This means teams can display the highest scoring ideas, effectively a prioritised to-do list, on their dashboards.

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Links open in new tab by default




For your convenience all links added in the WYSIWYG editor will now open in a new tab by default.

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Please note this change does not apply retrospectively and only applies to newly added links.

Start experiment button




We have added a clearer 'start experiment' action to scored ideas in order to make it easier to progress your ideas to the next step.

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Always show overdue experiments




We now always include overdue experiments on individual reports, regardless of the time period selected.

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Many of our customers use individual reports as a task list, and it's easy for experiments to roll-past the 90 day default window and then get forgotten about.

Updated report names




Report names have been tweaked slightly to better reflect the content of each report. This is in preparation for further enhancements to report content.

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Field validation




We are exploring additional reporting capabilities (such as experiment channel mix) which will be more accurate if all fields are entered on new idea submission.

Previously you could enter a new idea without a goal or channel. This is no longer possible and field validation errors and warnings are now in place for all fields on idea submission - Title, Goal, Hypothesis and Channel.

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Highlighting overdue experiments




When experiments are past their due date the due date is now highlighted in red to make it clear where attention is needed.

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