Groouply changelog
Groouply changelog

Mentions by email





You can now filter mentions by email addresses you use on your account.

Fast-growing Fb groups





You can now search fast-growing Facebook™ groups in your area or niche at:

A list of the top fast-growing Fb groups is also available at:

Exact search





We just introduced exact search. Now you have to ways to set up your alerts:

  1. Loose search
  2. Exact search

"Exact search" will return results only if they contain the exact word or combination of words you specified, in the order you specified them.

Mentions log and export





You can now see the last 100 mentions from all the groups you are monitoring in one view.

You can also export your mentions.

Grouped notifications





You can now choose to be notified of new mentions once per hour.

Screenshot 2020-09-05 at 12.11.59.png

Word cloud





Discover which words are used in each group, and add new keywords you might want to track.

Screenshot 2020-09-03 at 13.52.32.png






For each group, you can now see how many notifications we sent, and for which keywords.

Screenshot 2020-09-03 at 13.19.21.png

Multiple email notifications





We just added the ability to add multiple email addresses to receive notifications on.

Groups suggestions





Sometimes groups have introductory questions that help admins of those groups screen people who want to get in.

If you are already in that group and know the answers, you can help our agents join the group by providing suggestions.

The end of the metered plan





As you know, when we started we wanted to prove that Groouply worked.

That's why we came up with a "metered" plan where users only paid 7 cents per notification.

We thought that was the best plan we could offer users because you, the user, only paid if the tool worked and if it was delivering notifications. No risks for you!

Unfortunately, the model has not proved sustainable for us due to high costs we have in the back-end. We are switching back to a monthly plan with subscriptions starting at 99$/month.

All the existing users were downgraded and their subscriptions were cancelled. We also waived any payments left in their accounts.

By being more profitable, we truly hope we can serve the community and our users better!