May 2020

▶️ New Releases:

✔️Custom Domain Add on- Gridle offers the ability to map the client's domain with Gridle. Which means clients can now manage their workspaces from their own domain.

Workspace (3).png

✔️Users Add on- Gridle now offers the ability to have as many as users on a particular workspace to the client with the help of their new user add on feature

Users (4).png

▶️ Bug Fixed:

✔️ Client portal register page was corrected for better user experience. Initially, when admin sends the invite to the client for client portal it used to ask them to register for 14 days trial.

✔️ The custom proposal template issue was resolved as with some element the autosave button was not working fine. Now the issue is resolved.

May 2020

▶️ New Releases:

✔️Custom Proposal Template- Initially whenever agency used to create a proposal for their clients every time they need to create it from the start which made working quite laborious. Therefore, Our team tinkered internally and made Custom Proposal Template as the feature so that the agency need not have to create the proposal again and again.

For reference, you can visit

▶️ Bug Fixed:

✔️ The client was facing issues while updating lead status on kanban view which is now resolved.

✔️ The invoice pdf issue was resolved it was showing the total amount in two different lines which are now fixed.

April 2020

▶️ New Releases:

✔️Added VAT number in the available merge field option- Gridle along with managing a sales pipeline also meant for invoicing and proposal so it is very much mandatory to have VAT number field on the invoices and proposals that are created by agencies for their clients.

Workspace (1).png

April 2020

▶️ New Releases:

✔️ Transaction id on payment receipt was added.- which is actually a very important feature as it helps to identify the purchase that was made by the customer. This one also can be used to authenticate the holder of the card before reporting the data about the payments of a particular customer. Making easy for an agency to keep a record of the payments done by the clients.


✔️ Launched our new LTD{Life Team Deal] on our website.

▶️ Bug Fixed:

✔️ The broken invoice link issue solved.

✔️ The client was not able to delete the contact from the dashboard so our team tinkered internally and the issue was fixed.

✔️ Email invalid issue on the invoice slide bar has been fixed.

✔️ Initially, when the client used to send the proposal the "to email" section was not visible there so that is added.

✔️ Lead address being chopped off if there are more characters that have been solved.

✔️ Invoice PDF issues were fixed.

✔️ Lead status issue is being fixed.

March 2020

▶️ New Releases:

✔️ Country code section on sign up page is added.-We now have successfully added the country code field on the signup page so that our users can enter their correct contact number when they sign up and we can reach them on that number when they need help.


✔️ View the no. of Users and Workspaces.-Users of Gridle's Whitelabel app earlier did not have any clue on the no. of workspaces and users in those workspaces that were remaining. 92493115_152679019614140_7227535467804098560_o.jpg With the new update, you can now see the count of the number of workspaces and users that are left in your Whitelabel app.

✔️ Ability to edit/delete item groups: The agency can now delete the items group as well.

✔️ proposal to invoice conversion: Many of our clients asked for the feature where proposals if accepted by the clients, can be directly converted into invoices. Initially, we were missing on this feature. But understanding the requirement of our clients we successfully brought this into function.


▶️ Bug Fixed:

✔️ Issues on proposal module such as Signature overlapping, Scrolling issue, and extra pages were fixed.

✔️ Spacing with invoice pdf issue was fixed.

February, 2020

▶️ New Releases:

✔️ Our team tinkered with internal workings and polished some rough edges to make our billing module more simple for the client.

✔️ New plans were launched.

for reference kindly check:

✔️ Email template edit module is now live: No more sticking to the default template that comes with Gridle. Build your own awesome templates and impress your clients at one go.


✔️ Added option to set an overdue reminder for invoice:

It can quite often happen that your client may not pay you on time and the invoice passes the due date. You would then need to remind your client about paying the invoice.

Product Releases (3).png

✔️ Option to edit and delete reminders in invoice and proposal: You can now edit & delete the already set reminders for your proposals, invoices, leads, and customers.

✔️ Ability to assign admins to the customer: Agency should be able to assign an admin for a customer.

Kindly navigate to: Customers>>Customer's Profile>>Customer Admin.

February, 2020

▶️ New Releases:

✔️ Payment gateway: Braintree integration done:


✔️ Added a “restore to last draft” button inside insert toolbar, which saves the content every 20sec if the content is changed and then expires after 2hrs

▶️ Bug Fixed:

✔️ Proposal view tracking bug fixed.

✔️ Zapier Integration now supports custom fields and also supports workspace selection to which they want to add lead. For integration, the users will need to integrate with a newer version of the Gridle app on Zapier. Here is the invite link: Also, previous users will have to use the newer version, the previous version will no longer work.

February, 2020

▶️ New Releases:

✔️ Invoice journey revamp: A new invoice journey was introduced for the clients to make their task easier. Now, you can add a customer or a new payment mode from within the invoice module while creating/editing an invoice.

Product Releases (7).png

✔️Customer signature added as a merge field in the proposal: Get the signature of your client on your proposal's PDF file by adding the Customer Sign merge field while creating a proposal.

Product Releases (6).png

▶️ Bug Fixed:

✔️ Invariable behavior of the save button in the proposal is now resolved.

January, 2020

▶️ New Releases:

✔️ Two new proposal templates were released starting from scratch and conversion rate Optimization.

✔️ The custom script feature is made live.

Product Updates and Releases (1).png

▶️ Bug Fixed:

✔️ Overdue invoice and proposal expiry reminder emails issue is fixed

January, 2020

▶️ Bug Fixed-

✔️ Our team tinkered with internal workings and polished some rough edges to make our import lead option work best for our clients.

✔️ Overdue reminder mail is now being sent to the client.

✔️ A recurring invoice issue was fixed.