Graphqleditor changelog
Graphqleditor changelog

4.0 Huge Release





New release 🙌🏽 🍾

This is the biggest release from the beginning of GraphQL Editor. It introduces many new features and improves UX, UI. This could not have been done without our 20 000 users and your feedback which is most valuable for us.

Live collaboration

  • Invite an unlimited number of viewers to every team at any time


  • Added organizer mode for the creation and faster browsing of the schema
  • Reworked hierarchy view
  • Improved code editor


  • specify faker values from faker.js
  • specify an array of values to choose a random value from that array
  • restyled faker for dark mode


  • export JAMStack sites
  • export JAMStack bundles


  • we released a full guide to learn the editor


  • docs are available & exportable for every project