Gossh changelog
Gossh changelog

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Introducing the Gossh Marketplace for CreatorsπŸ‘ Our Gossh Experts are trusted, independent creators. Spend time where you’re needed most and let one of our Gossh Experts work their magic.

Know more, do more with Gossh πŸ‘





We have added 6 new templates to the our site builder, bringing the total to 387 templates and we have also made some updates to the site builder which are now available for you to use.

See updates and releases for details

Know More, do more with Gossh πŸ‘





We have added new WordPress and WooCommerce video tutorials to our Blog for everyone to watch.

We have also added 3 more help video tutorials for our customers.

2.7 million photos now available πŸš€





We have added a new feature called Gossh Images, where you can instantly upload photos from Unsplash to your site without leaving the Gossh site builder.

We have also updated the look and feel of the Gossh site builder and added a new customise option to make it easier to take control of the design of your site. See updates and releases

Our new convert page is now available πŸš€





Great option for start ups, small business that need to generate leads, referrals and sales. Create a powerful convert page in under an hour with the Gossh Site builder. Get Started πŸ‘

Hurry over to our new site πŸš€





Hello! Our new site is live with a new support area for our customers with step‑by‑step videos and tutorials.

Updates And Releases πŸš€





Hello everyone! We've got something to tell you about our platform. We’ve added a new video template and also made some platform enhancements to improve your workflow. These updates are automated globally across our platform and are ready for you to use. πŸ‘

Support videos





Hello everyone! We are creating support videos for our platform πŸš€ These will be available to our customers once the new Gossh site is live. In the meantime, here is our video intro.

Woocommerce Login-high.gif

Updates And Releases





We’ve added 8 new templates and also made some platform enhancements, including an extra background colour and large buttons πŸ‘ . These updates are automated globally across our platform and are ready for you to use.