Golisto release notes
Golisto release notes

🚨 Golisto 3.0: The Fast and The Furious! 🚨





For your very pleasure, Golisto 3.0 introduces:

  • ⏱ Improved load times of everything

  • 📄 Pagination everywhere

  • 🐠 New and improved profile views

  • 🕵🏻‍♂️ All the search you could ever want, including local context search in collections, items and wishlist

  • 💨 Instant response to any action

  • 🔥 Blazing fast forms, with helpful feedback for when you f#!k up

…and a whole bunch of smaller, but very nice improvements across the plate

📕 Blog readability improvements





The blog now provides more line spacing to make the contents easier to digest.

🔤 Alphanumeric collections sorting





Collections are now sorted alphanumerically everywhere to make it easier to find the ones you want.

🖼 Better image uploading





When uploading especially large images, they're now resized before uploading, so slower connections should have a better experience. Brought to you by @Jakub Stanio.

🐎 Faster profile view loading





The profile view should now load a lot faster and handle scrolling more gracefully! This enhancement might carry over to other parts of the platform too, though it haven't been tested.

🔃 Improved image crop functionality





The image crop overlay now have buttons for image flip and rotation!

Skærmbillede 2020-05-11 kl. 11.28.16.png

💧New dropdowns





A feature initiated in the last half of 2019 by @Joshua Kaplan, have now finally been completed and has been implemented in a few places by @Jakub Stanio. A very loving thought goes out to Jarl, as this is the last component implemented from his first version of the Design System!

Skærmbillede 2020-05-11 kl. 11.23.37.png

👟 New footer design





Golisto now have a brand new footer! Thanks to the work of @Magor Tako and @frijec on designing this running wonder, @Dominykas was able to code this beautiful new addition to the site. Free Golisto footsies for everyone!

Skærmbillede 2020-04-06 kl. 14.40.52.png

Item card: Upvote works again





Upvoting an item directly from it's card should now properly work again.

Skærmbillede 2020-04-06 kl. 14.37.56.png

Edit item fix





The "edit item" view should now properly redirect to the item in question after saving or cancelling.