Icons8 API Problem

Icons8 have an issue with their Icons API and have notified us that they are working on it. You can find out more about it on their website: https://icons8.crisp.watch/en/

Hopefully it will be up and running again soon!

Blobbity Blobs are Here!

Blobs are not only trendy and in right now, but they are super super fun!

Generate random blobs fast and easy for your design. Set complexity and contrast and keep generating results till you become a Jedi Blob Master.

Light Speed Undo/Redo

Finally, Light Speed Undo / Redo is Here.

I want to thank everyone for waiting patiently on this super important requirement. Your continued belief in what we are doing with Glorify is what makes us move forwards with our vision.

Layers and Surprise Feature Video Coming Out


  • Gradients
  • Color Dropper
  • Auto-Save
  • Double-click Group Edit
  • More Object Alignment Options


Mockups - even though animated posts is voted up higher, Mockups is a faster development and opens up our tool to more possibilities for you guys in terms of graphic creation.

And of course, Squish em bugz yo…🐜

Updates Coming!

Hi guys, our Early Bird launch period is over, and over night we have secured a huge amount of users, therefore we are currently making another shift in our server resources to increase speed and reduce latency.

On top of that the updates for:

  • light speed undo / redo
  • layers panel
  • our new exciting surprise feature is just around the corner.

We are trying our best to release it this weekend. Please make sure you join the Glorify Community group for further updates!


BUG: Problem with fonts

Apologies guys, we have a bug on the fonts selection, it goes off screen. Our developers are back in the morning and will get that fixed right away!

Update: Fixed :)

Borders on text!

Text now has border thickness and color customization! Enjoy!

Icons8 Moose API not working (Expired)

Just a quick announcement.

Icons8 have an issue with their Moose API, and have notified us they are working on it. You can read more about it on their website: https://icons8.crisp.watch/en/

Hopefully it will be up and running again soon!

Update October 12th: Stable again

Shapes (Expired)

We have just encountered a rendering issue with shapes. It's completely freezing designs and rendering in a strange format. Please stay away from shapes till further notice. We are working to fix this asap.

Update Sept 27th: Fixed baby :)

Icons 8 is temporarily down

Seems like we have an integration issue with their API. We are working with them to get it rectified right away. Sit tight!

Update Sept 27th: It's back up!

Chrome 2 Problems

It seems like Chrome 2 has many issues with their image rendering technology. You may experience problems using shadows and other features.

Please stick to Chrome version 1 we work out a solution for this.