Auto-Save feature disabled for bug checking 😥

Hey Glorifiers! Some of you may have had a poor experience with our file saving, which is a, of course, a non-negotiable must-have.

The team and I are doing over-time and through the weekend to work on this error - which all stemmed from our auto-save release.

In light of this, we have paused the auto-save feature completely,so please manually save your work till we get this rectified.

Isolate Button 🤩

Introducing the isolate button! The isolate button helps you with isolating one selected element on your canvas so you never have to mess up your other elements in the process. Pretty cool, huh?

Gradients is here! 🥳

You can now amp up your product images even further with this awesome feature! Let's get Glorifying! 🔥

Development Progress (Excluding Bugs/Fixes)

Developments Completed Since launch (August 27th 2019)

September 2019

  • Intercom Chat with Daily Support
  • Public Roadmap and Suggestion Features
  • Icons8 Integration (BETA)
  • GMB Banners
  • Instagram Stories Sizes
  • +400 New Design Template

October 2019

  • Global CDN Delivery
  • +400 New Design Template
  • Borders on Text
  • Layers Panel

November 2019

  • Blob Maker
  • Light Speed Undo/Redo
  • Auto-Save
  • Canvas Border Shadow
  • Grunge Shapes
  • 600+ Text Templates
  • +400 New Design Templates

December 2019 Release Plans

  • Gradients
  • Color Dropper
  • New Element: Buttons
  • Recurring Payment Plans
  • eBook Hyperlinks & Selectable Text
  • Double-Click Edit Groups

Major Developments Work in Progress


  • Progress: Tech ground-work setup
  • Estimated Date: End of Jan

Dashboard Business Personalization

  • Progress: UI/UX Final Stages
  • Estimated Date: End of March

Canvas drop-shadow for more contrast

"Canvas? Huh, I don't see a thing?! Oh right, there it is!"

Yep, those days are over. We got a little drop-shadow to make the canvas and canvas area background distinct from each other.

Screenshot 2019-12-04 at 20.19.40.png

Auto Save is Here!!

No more clicking on ''save'' every few minutes! And never fear losing your work on Glorify! The AutoSave feature is here guys!! Go ahead and test it out 🔥🔥

Auto Save Coming Soon

Just an announcement! Our auto-save feature is in it's last testing features and will be released in the upcoming week!

On top of this, no more annoying loading screens for every damn thing that you touch. There will be a lazy loading system on play to add designs and elements to make the experience faster and smoother!

Background Remover Tool

The background remover tool is currently having issues. After removing the background and clicking DONE, the canvas will be stuck at the loading screen. Our team is working on fixing it asap!

Thanks for your patience!

Noun Project Icons Back In Action!

The issue with the Noun Project Icons has been resolved. You will now be able to add icons to your images with no setbacks! Thanks to everyone that reported this!

KeyCDN Freeze

We had a momentary CDN freeze this morning, we have contacted our provider, and they were quick to act on the issue to get us back up and running.

We are optimizing our servers week by week, as we bring in server heavy features such as auto-save, so you may experience similar issues over the next 2 weeks or so.

Thanks for your patience!