Globe Advisor ProStation release notes
Globe Advisor ProStation release notes

Prostation is going away November 30

Prostation will no longer be offered as part of Globe Advisor effective November 30.

  1. As of September 30 it will not be possible create a new Client Proposal, Model Portfolio or List
  2. For the remaining 60-days you will have access to any existing proposal, portfolio or list you have created; then
  3. Prostation won’t be available after November 30
  4. See Frequently asked Questions for further details

What does this mean for me?

  • Since the Prostation relaunch in 2019 the Globe Advisor community has grown 80%.
  • We now produce new content daily, and are now the industry leader for the news and analysis needed by Canadian financial advisors.
  • During this time advisors have told us they looking to Globe Advisor to make sense of industry trends – but not for enterprise-grade software.
  • Thanks to our success we’ve secured the resources to triple our daily content by early 2022. Stay tuned for the continuous rollout of content and tools we have planned! 🎉