Globe Advisor ProStation release notes
Globe Advisor ProStation release notes

Portfolio Diagnostic Statement (PDF)





It is now possible within the new Globe Advisor ProStation tool to generate a one-page “Portfolio Diagnostic Statement” PDF.

This document is designed to help advisors inform existing clients updated on the status of overall performance of their holdings. It is not necessary to complete the Client Questionnaire (KYC) in order to generate.

This PDF document is offered in addition to the multi-page “Investment Proposal”. To generate:

  • Click the “Investment Proposals” link
  • Click the chart icon in the “Diagnostic” column
  • The report will generate within your web browser

Note that in order to generate the PDF, ProStation requires portfolio must be balanced 100%.

This document is a replica of the document found in our legacy systems; updated with modern Globe and Mail brand standards. Features include:

  • Annualized Returns
  • Historic Returns against a Blended Benchmark
  • Portfolio Breakdown (Sub Class, Region, Market Capitalization, Stock Sector)
  • Holdings