Globe Advisor ProStation release notes
Globe Advisor ProStation release notes

Prostation is going away November 30

Prostation will no longer be offered as part of Globe Advisor effective November 30.

  1. As of September 30 it will not be possible create a new Client Proposal, Model Portfolio or List
  2. For the remaining 60-days you will have access to any existing proposal, portfolio or list you have created; then
  3. Prostation won’t be available after November 30
  4. See Frequently asked Questions for further details

What does this mean for me?

  • Since the Prostation relaunch in 2019 the Globe Advisor community has grown 80%.
  • We now produce new content daily, and are now the industry leader for the news and analysis needed by Canadian financial advisors.
  • During this time advisors have told us they looking to Globe Advisor to make sense of industry trends – but not for enterprise-grade software.
  • Thanks to our success we’ve secured the resources to triple our daily content by early 2022. Stay tuned for the continuous rollout of content and tools we have planned! 🎉

Frequently asked Questions

When is Prostation going away?

  1. The last day to create a new Client Proposal, Model Portfolio or List is Thursday, September 30 at 4PM ET
  2. Prostation will become wholly inaccessible on Tuesday, November 30 at 8PM ET

What other changes will occur from now until November 30?

  • Prostation will to continue to functional normally
  • You will notice no difference in service with respect existing proposals
  • Data and valuations will continue to process

How do I extract a Client Proposal?

  • Prostation will remain online until November 30 for the purposes of backing-up proposals
  • To ensure selected Holdings and Asset allocations are saved, click the PDF icon under the CLIENT REPORT

  • Click heading and GENERATE REPORT (PDF) button from popup modal

  • Click the DOWNLOAD button or PRINTER icon (top right) from within your browser once the report is generated

Is it possible to extract data directly into a CSV or Excel file for one or multiple proposals?

  • Prostation does not support this functionality
  • The best means of backup is the Download/Print functionality explained above
  • It is not possible to accommodate individual data extractions

What will happen to my account and data after November 30?

  • Equisoft holds data within their systems
  • Following the closure of Prostation they will undergo a period of data erasure to permanently wipe this from their systems
  • Further there is no Personal Identifiable Information shared between (PII) between Globe and Equisoft to further harden security practices

Why is Prostation closing? Is Globe Advisor going away?

  • Producing new content daily, Globe Advisor is now the industry leader for the news and analysis needed by Canadian financial advisors to adapt to succeed in a changing market.
  • During this time advisors have told us they looking to Globe Advisor to make sense of industry trends – but not for enterprise-grade software.
  • Thanks to our success we’ve secured the resources to triple our daily content by early 2022. Stay tuned for the continuous rollout of content and tools we have planned.

Do you have a recommendation for similar software to Prostation for the purposes of business continuity?

  • Prostation was developed as a standalone system to replace legacy (in-house) Globe software
  • Further the needs of individual advisors and distinct and unique
  • It is not possible to make a recommendation with respect to (possible) alternate systems

Why did I not receive email notification about the cancellation of Prostation?

  • We are notifying users in cohorts according to usage - if you are reading this online it is possible you have yet to be contacted
  • Check your Spam folder
  • Also it is possible you requested your name be added to our Do Not Contact list

Does this change impact Globe Investor tools such as Watchlist, Portfolio or quotes?

  • The sunsetting of Prostation software is related to a lack of institutional usage
  • This is no way related to popular Globe Investor tools intended for a retail (individual) audience

How do I contact Globe and Mail regarding Prostation?

  • Email
  • Telephone support is not available

Production Server Maintenance Window





  • There is a upgrade of the operating system that provides Prostation
  • This update is scheduled for Saturday, December 19, 2020 at 9PM EST
  • Downtime is estimated at 3h30.

Mutual Fund Charting





Holdings within Client Proposals and Lists create direct links to profile pages within Globe Investor.

Within the the "Full Chart" view, charting tools for Mutual Funds now differs from other forms of charting on Globe Investor in that values are “Total Return” and inclusive of compound dividends.

This presentation is otherwise called “Growth of $10,000” and is typical of how Mutual Fund performance is presented. It shows a fund’s performance based on how $10,000 invested in the funds would have grown over time with the dividends reinvested.

It begins at the fund’s inception, and provides a more accurate representation of performance than unit values. When generating a chart it is possible to overlay:

  • Other Mutual Funds
  • Pre-selected Total Return index values
  • Fundata Prospectus Risk Indices (to measure mutual funds according to the level of risk assigned by the fund manager)

September Changes





The following changes were launched on September 20, 2019:

  • Reintroduction of the Portfolio Compare feature
  • "Investment Proposals" are renamed to "Client Proposals"
  • The Client Proposals screen is now the default view when opening the software. This is your list of clients and prospects
  • "Watchlists" are now "Lists"
  • "Research" is now "Markets" and directs to the main Markets page within Globe Investor


  • If you are looking to conduct a stock or fund screen, click the "Advanced Search" link within a portfolio or list to launch the following modal:


Portfolio Compare





It is now possible to compare two portfolios when generating a Client Report:

  • In the "Client Proposals" list, click the PDF icon associated with your client under the "Client Report" column.
  • This generates the following modal:


  • Either choose an additional item from the dropdown (optional) or click the Generate Report (PDF) button.

Many Globe Advisor members have noted the "Portfolio Compare" function found in the legacy version of ProStation was an important part of their sales process and onboarding process.

Note: this function is not available on mobile devices (tablet, phone) but will be provided shortly.

Investor Profile Questionnaire (PDF)





The first step when setting up a Client Proposal within Prostation is completing The Client Questionnaire.

This questionnaire is completed on-screen and the results update dynamically. Many Advisors have asked for this in a PDF document. To download, click the following link:

While not mandatory, this step is important for determining your client's risk tolerance and subsequent Portfolio proposal. This questionnaire is to help you in assessing your client’s investor profile and is only part of the full “Know-Your-Client” process. This questionnaire is in line with the MFDA bulletin #0611-C published on July 21, 2014.

The questionnaire has 15 questions and is divided into 5 categories: Investment Time Horizon, Investment Knowledge and Investment Objectives with one question in each category, Risk Capacity with 6 questions and Risk Attitude with 5 questions.

Target Investments by Dollar ($)





When in the Customize Portfolio section previously ProStation only allowed advisors the ability to target asset allocation based on Percentage (%). Now it is possible to switch to Dollar ($).

  • The page default is percentage. Choose the "$" button to work in dollars.
  • In the Portfolio Diagnostic PDF (one-page) for the historical performance, the Initial amount will be based on the amount invest (% option) or the total amount of the holdings ($ options) depending of the option selected.


Portfolio Diagnostic Statement (PDF)





It is now possible within the new Globe Advisor ProStation tool to generate a one-page “Portfolio Diagnostic Statement” PDF.

This document is designed to help advisors inform existing clients updated on the status of overall performance of their holdings. It is not necessary to complete the Client Questionnaire (KYC) in order to generate.

This PDF document is offered in addition to the multi-page “Investment Proposal”. To generate:

  • Click the “Investment Proposals” link
  • Click the chart icon in the “Diagnostic” column
  • The report will generate within your web browser

Note that in order to generate the PDF, ProStation requires portfolio must be balanced 100%.

This document is a replica of the document found in our legacy systems; updated with modern Globe and Mail brand standards. Features include:

  • Annualized Returns
  • Historic Returns against a Blended Benchmark
  • Portfolio Breakdown (Sub Class, Region, Market Capitalization, Stock Sector)
  • Holdings



Blended Benchmarks in Investment Proposals





The Investment Proposal PDF simulates the Historical Return of your proposed portfolio going back 10-years using the Initial value entered. Additionally, it plots portfolio performance against a relative Blended Benchmark:

  • The Blended Benchmark is comprised of market indices representing each specific asset in the same proportion as the proposed portfolio.
  • The Blended Benchmark is designed to provide insight in the periodic return behavior and the resulting end value of the proposed portfolio assets relative to the blended benchmark indicies over a specified period.


For example:

  • If your client is equally diversified Canadian and US and equities, only using a Canadian index would not be a true measure of asset performance relative to all markets.
  • Rather, you may want to use an average of the TSX Composite and S&P 500 Index combined.

See the following for more details on how a Blended Benchmark works with simulated portfolio valuation: