Research in ProStation

The new ProStation contains both Quick and Advanced Search integrated in Portfolio and Watchlist tools.

Quick Search

Add Current Portfolio holdings by typing asset code or asset name. By default, the system will search for assets whose name or code begins with the characters entered in the Quick Search field (minimum 3 characters).


Advanced Search

ProStation contains a powerful "all in one" screener tool that is directly-integrated within the software. While building a Model or Customized Portfolio, of Watchlist, click the Advanced Search button to launch the following:

Advanced-Search.PNG All search returns can be automatically added to a Portfolio or Watchlist.

Asset codes include:

  • Currency
  • Category
  • Company
  • Asset Name
  • Load Type
  • Year To Date
  • Last Return
  • Last Return Sharpe
  • Standard Deviation
  • Alpha
  • Beta
  • Management Expense Ratio
  • Minimum Investment
  • Average Maturity
  • Stock Exchange

In contrast, the legacy ProStation tool contained links to "Basic/Advanced" Stock and Fund Filters. These did not contain integration with the ProStation software. As an alternative to Advanced Search, upgraded versions of the legacy tools can be found in Globe Investor under the following links: