Create a Client Proposal

ProStation is an advanced tool for generating all-in-one proposal documents for prospective and existing advisory clients. In order to create a proposal the advisor must follow a series of steps:

Step 1: Create a Model Portfolio

  • Click "Model Portfolios" and "Create New"
  • Use Quick and Advanced Search to select holdings. The Asset Mix will update automatically as you assign allocations
  • Note: the total percentage of the portfolio must be 100% and the percentage of each asset should be bigger than zero.
  • Once complete, click "Analyze Portfolio" to test (optional)

Step 2: Create a Client

  • Click "Investment Proposals" and "Create New"
  • ProStation will ask for a Client name and that you complete the 14-question Questionnaire.

Note for Legacy ProStation Accounts

Advisors with migrated Portfolio data from the legacy ProStation should click "Investment Proposals" to find a list of your migrated proposals Select a Portfolio by click an entry under "Client Name" You must complete a Questionnaire to associate with a legacy Portfolio.


Step 3: Customize Portfolio

  • Once a Client Profile is assigned upon completion of the Questionnaire, click "Select a Model Portfolio" to pre-populate Portfolio holdings. (optional)
  • Or you can create a completely new Portfolio at this point by selecting holdings.
  • ProStation will automatically compare your selected Asset Mix against your Proposed Portfolio
  • It is not necessary to match the recommended allocations in order to generate a Client Proposal at this point.

Step 4: Create a Client Proposal

  • Click IPS report from the navigation (top-right)
  • Complete "Prepared by" and "Prepared for" (including Spouse/Partner, Child, Business, Parent) (optional)
  • Click "Create PDF"
  • This will save a Client Proposal to your computer
  • This view also provides an Archive of Generated Reports