Client Questionnaire

When creating a new client Investment Proposal the first step is completing the 14-step Client Questionnaire. It is also necessary prior to generating an Investment Proposal Statement ("IPS report") for a portfolio migrated from Globe Advisor's legacy ProStation tool.

ProStation features the sample investor profiling questionnaire, scoring methodology, investor profiles and recommended asset allocation published by the Mutual Fund Dealers Association (MFDA). The detailed questionnaire features a series of questions to determine an investor profile and a suitable asset allocation.

Client Questionnaire helps document information in keeping with increasing compliance obligations, including Know Your Client (KYC) suitability and Know Your Product (KYP) requirements.

The 14 questions are divided into five categories, including:

  • Time Horizon
  • Investment Knowledge
  • Investment Objectives
  • Risk Capacity
  • Risk Attitude

As questions are completed, your client's profile is automatically updated according to the following objectives:

  1. Very Conservative
  2. Conservative Income
  3. Balanced
  4. Growth
  5. Aggressive Growth

Once established, this risk designation will populate a recommended asset mix in the Customize Portfolio stage of the Investment Proposal setup process. It also automatically displays Deviation (by percentage) from your Proposed Portfolio, making it easy to bring your recommended allocation in-line.