Coming Soon: Portfolio Compare

Many Globe Advisor members have noted the "Portfolio Compare" function found in the legacy version of Prostation was an important part of their sales process and onboarding process.

This feature will be added shortly to the one-page Portfolio Diagnostic PDF report. Details to follow.

Target Investments by Dollar ($)

When in the Customize Portfolio section previously ProStation only allowed advisors the ability to target asset allocation based on Percentage (%). Now it is possible to switch to Dollar ($).

  • The page default is percentage. Choose the "$" button to work in dollars.
  • In the Portfolio Diagnostic PDF (one-page) for the historical performance, the Initial amount will be based on the amount invest (% option) or the total amount of the holdings ($ options) depending of the option selected.


Portfolio Diagnostic Statement (PDF)

It is now possible within the new Globe Advisor ProStation tool to generate a one-page “Portfolio Diagnostic Statement” PDF.

This document is designed to help advisors inform existing clients updated on the status of overall performance of their holdings. It is not necessary to complete the Client Questionnaire (KYC) in order to generate.

This PDF document is offered in addition to the multi-page “Investment Proposal”. To generate:

  • Click the “Investment Proposals” link
  • Click the chart icon in the “Diagnostic” column
  • The report will generate within your web browser

Note that in order to generate the PDF, ProStation requires portfolio must be balanced 100%.

This document is a replica of the document found in our legacy systems; updated with modern Globe and Mail brand standards. Features include:

  • Annualized Returns
  • Historic Returns against a Blended Benchmark
  • Portfolio Breakdown (Sub Class, Region, Market Capitalization, Stock Sector)
  • Holdings



Blended Benchmarks in Investment Proposals

The Investment Proposal PDF simulates the Historical Return of your proposed portfolio going back 10-years using the Initial value entered. Additionally, it plots portfolio performance against a relative Blended Benchmark:

  • The Blended Benchmark is comprised of market indices representing each specific asset in the same proportion as the proposed portfolio.
  • The Blended Benchmark is designed to provide insight in the periodic return behavior and the resulting end value of the proposed portfolio assets relative to the blended benchmark indicies over a specified period.


For example:

  • If your client is equally diversified Canadian and US and equities, only using a Canadian index would not be a true measure of asset performance relative to all markets.
  • Rather, you may want to use an average of the TSX Composite and S&P 500 Index combined.

See the following for more details on how a Blended Benchmark works with simulated portfolio valuation:

Generating Fund Reports

Generating a Mutual Funds product sheet is in Globe Investor. From within ProStation, to generate, click a fund name within ProStation to generate a profile page:


This generates a fund profile page on Globe Investor:


Scroll to the middle of the page to locate buttons for both Basic and Premium Reports. reports.PNG

Use other Globe Investor utilities to search for Mutual Funds (in addition to ProStation Advanced Search):

ProStation Data Migration

To help you become accustomed to the updated ProStation both new and legacy versions of the tool will be supported for one week:

Data Migration Schedule:

  • On December 31 the new tool is pre-populated with Portfolios/Watchlists entered up-to November 20, 2018
  • Any new or modified Portfolios/Watchlists from November 20 - December 31 in the old software will be migrated on January 7 at 2pm ET
  • Any new or modified Portfolios/Watchlists in the old tool after December 31 at 2pm ET will not be migrated

After January 14 the legacy software is unsupported and will be available on a read-only basis.

Update January 15: the legacy ProStation tool now redirects to the new version of the software, all data migration is complete.

Data Quality:

The successful migration of your data is very important to us. Following January 7, if you have any concerns regarding the migration of your data please complete the following form and a data analyst be available to assist:

Customize a Portfolio

To recap the PDF Investment Policy Statement creation process:

  1. Create a new Investment Proposal (Client)
  2. Complete the Client Questionnaire
  3. Select a Model Portfolio (optional)
  4. Customize to create a bespoke Portfolio for your client

At the point of customization, ProStation will prompt you to balance the Portfolio you have created against the Asset Mix recommended by the Questionnaire.


Add/remove holdings and change instrument allocations to match your client's risk tolerance. The Proposed Portfolio will automatically update as you make alterations.

Research in ProStation

The new ProStation contains both Quick and Advanced Search integrated in Portfolio and Watchlist tools.

Quick Search

Add Current Portfolio holdings by typing asset code or asset name. By default, the system will search for assets whose name or code begins with the characters entered in the Quick Search field (minimum 3 characters).


Advanced Search

ProStation contains a powerful "all in one" screener tool that is directly-integrated within the software. While building a Model or Customized Portfolio, of Watchlist, click the Advanced Search button to launch the following:

Advanced-Search.PNG All search returns can be automatically added to a Portfolio or Watchlist.

Asset codes include:

  • Currency
  • Category
  • Company
  • Asset Name
  • Load Type
  • Year To Date
  • Last Return
  • Last Return Sharpe
  • Standard Deviation
  • Alpha
  • Beta
  • Management Expense Ratio
  • Minimum Investment
  • Average Maturity
  • Stock Exchange

In contrast, the legacy ProStation tool contained links to "Basic/Advanced" Stock and Fund Filters. These did not contain integration with the ProStation software. As an alternative to Advanced Search, upgraded versions of the legacy tools can be found in Globe Investor under the following links:

Client Questionnaire

When creating a new client Investment Proposal the first step is completing the 14-step Client Questionnaire. It is also necessary prior to generating an Investment Proposal Statement ("IPS report") for a portfolio migrated from Globe Advisor's legacy ProStation tool.

ProStation features the sample investor profiling questionnaire, scoring methodology, investor profiles and recommended asset allocation published by the Mutual Fund Dealers Association (MFDA). The detailed questionnaire features a series of questions to determine an investor profile and a suitable asset allocation.

Client Questionnaire helps document information in keeping with increasing compliance obligations, including Know Your Client (KYC) suitability and Know Your Product (KYP) requirements.

The 14 questions are divided into five categories, including:

  • Time Horizon
  • Investment Knowledge
  • Investment Objectives
  • Risk Capacity
  • Risk Attitude

As questions are completed, your client's profile is automatically updated according to the following objectives:

  1. Very Conservative
  2. Conservative Income
  3. Balanced
  4. Growth
  5. Aggressive Growth

Once established, this risk designation will populate a recommended asset mix in the Customize Portfolio stage of the Investment Proposal setup process. It also automatically displays Deviation (by percentage) from your Proposed Portfolio, making it easy to bring your recommended allocation in-line.

Importing a Portfolio

Users of the new ProStation can create a .csv file (an option available in most back-office and CRM systems) adhering to specific guidelines. Save the file to your local directory, select the “Import” option in the new ProStation and locate the client data file created.

The fields that ProStation can currently import include:

  • CIF
  • Relationship Record Type
  • Relationship Name
  • First and Last Name
  • Language Preference
  • Person Relationship: Birthdate, Primary Email, Primary Phone, H/O Street, H/O City, H/O State/Province, H/O Zip/Postal Code, H/O Country, Financial Account Number, Account Type, Ownership
  • Product: Record Type, Product: Product Code, Current Value, Product: Currency.

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