Globalwinescore-com changelog
Globalwinescore-com changelog

You can now query our API with LWIN





Great news! You are now able to query our API with the LWIN. What is LWIN? An opensource project developed by Livex. More info here:

At the GlobalWineScore, we are always looking for new ways to help the winetech community. Matching wine names in database has been one of the tidiest job that any given wine company (e-commerce website, data analysis company, wine merchants, etc) has to do. It is time consuming.

We have been recreating an entire database of wine names to make our product the easiest one to match. But there is no point matching again your catalog with our one if you have already done that job with LWIN. So here you go, You can query our API by wine names, appelation, vintage,etc AND LWIN &LWIN11


You want to explore the API? Easy, You just need to login (or sign up) and apply for a free token through your account page:

Have fun!