Updated GBA website with MMD

Launching on 9/1, My Marketing Department is ready to go. Added links to GBA website, set up all integrations with project mgmt and jotform.

Cracker labels to glossy

Reset cracker and summer sausage rectangle 1555 labels to high quality glossy print.

Relink Changelog

Client said link wasn't working. Relinked.

Fixed Glitch Virtual TS NGBC

Virtual tradeshow product on the NGBC website was giving an error pop-up. Created a duplicate product, hid the old one and its fixed. System glitch.

GiftedIn24 PI

Automation: GiftedIn24 members can request replacement products or products missing when kits are shipping via the new ticketing process. Root case is being addressed with a different style of checklist for the warehouse. LC should open a ticket or create the ticket for the client.

Automation: Resetting auto-ship since clients are ordering other items now. Email is being sent out next week asking to "opt out".

Website PI @GBA

Automation: Constant Contact to the bottom of the GBA website with a direct dump into CC. This eliminates the need to manually add new subscribers.

Client Experience: Add scheduling icon to the side of the website allowing clients to book coaching or classes without leaving the site.

Client Experience: Added LC icon to bottom of site

Clarity: Changed graph to icons to make our programs more clear. Each is linked to its respective page.

Change: Added new phone number, removed DQ's.

Clarity: Removed the "more" and put navigation onto two lines.

NGBC Tradeshow Product Hid

The NGBC trade show is sold out as of today, product was hidden to ensure we don't oversell the show. NGBC spreadsheet updated to reflect new vendor. Ticket created to have vendor added to NGBC website and vendor guide sent.

Business Gifting Page added @GBA & Qterie

The new business gifting program is near completion. Business gifting page was added to the Gift Basket Association page and the kits are being added to Qterie shortly.

Photos Added @ Qterie

All photos of tins and hoops were added to Qterie. Full front images will be added at a later date.

Add "create a ticket" process

Added a "create a ticket" process designed to be routing to the resolution path. Tickets are generated to a single pool and dispatched accordingly. Tickets should be resolved within 2 hours but as much as 24 hours depending on complexity of request. Decision tree of dispatch was given to Peggy for her immediate use.