game host network changelog
game host network changelog

Big changes - coming (very) soon





In response to the recent DDoS attacks, we are going to employ a new mitigation system, which should hopefully provide our nodes with up to 500Gbps of DDoS protection (and up to 700M PPS - 700 million packets per second). This should render most DDoS attacks virtually pointless.

In addition to this, we are adding a new node to the network, with much upgraded specs (we'll let you know more as soon as its allocated). Our existing customers will be transferred to one of these nodes for free (within the next month), however, your associated IP will change with this move - clients will be emailed shortly about exactly what's happening.

On a slightly less positive note, due to the decision of our overnight staff member to leave us, support will now only be available from the hours of 9:00 to 21:00 (GMT). All tickets sent overnight will be picked up the following morning, and solved as soon as possible. This information will be reflected in the related FAQ in the client area.

We hope most of this information excites you as much as it does us!