Control panel update

We've recently updated our control panel with a security patch. This patches a few exploits found in the previous versions of the panel.

Further Minecraft price reductions!

We've lowered our price per GB of RAM for both Minecraft and Minecraft: Bedrock edition (MC:PE) from £2.50 to just £2! This price amendment will apply to both new and existing customers - there's no better time to join us than right now!

New permanent coupon!

We're making our new coupon, "50off", permanent. This means that any newly registered or returning clients can receive 50% off their first month's service with us.

A big Minecraft update

We've started releasing free Minecraft server hosting. There are a few caveats to free hosting compared to our paid plans, however. To learn more, go to:

Added FastDL

We've added FastDL for our customers running Garry's Mod, CS:GO, and CS:S servers. This means that you can now either use the workshop to compile addons, or have players download content straight from the server (likely quicker)!

Unscheduled panel downtime

This morning there was a memory issue with our control panel VM. This caused it to display an error 500 code for around an hour from ~11:00 BST. This issue has now been resolved.

Decommissioning our first server

Today we're putting to rest our initial node,, as we migrate our customer's data over to a faster server. This was a necessary change to keep to our word about our performance - more specifically, the server specifications we offer to all game services.

"Roundifying" our website

We've taken steps to make our site even easier on the eyes, by making buttons, cards, and images have rounded corners. We believe this suits our brand far better, and makes the site look snazzier, too.

Massively reduced Minecraft pricing

Today, having made agreements between new providers, we're able to provide Minecraft server hosting (including Bedrock Edition) from £2.50 per GB - a reduction of one entire GBP! This likely makes us one of the cheapest UK Minecraft server hosts, so there's never been a better time to host a Minecraft server with us.

Doing away with lowercase

You might not have noticed, however, doing things like titles and buttons in lower case was a styling cue we took when designing the website. Having received feedback from several people that the look was cluttered and unprofessional, we've reverted to capitalizing at least the first letter of every title and button. The only lowercase text that remains is our name, but that's staying that way.