Auto-provisioning working again

On Sunday the 18th we realised that our client area wasn't automatically provisioning new servers. Today that's been fixed so servers should provision near instantly!

Affiliate programme

We've setup an affiliate programme for both new and existing clients. Refer customers using a custom link (obtainable thorugh the client area) and receive 15% commission per new customer. More information can be found by clicking the "affiliates" button under "customer areas" in the footer of our site, or by clicking the "affiliates" button in the client area.

Upgrading to Pterodactyl 1.0

Pterodactyl has received a huge overhaul by Dane Everitt and his team, such that we'll be switching to it very soon. With this change comes a loss of some features, such as a mod manager, announcement system, and FastDL system. However, we're sure we'll be able to find a way to integrate this with the new version in time. For the time being, Twitter will become the way for us announcing service downtime, and support will be more than happy to assist you in installing any mods or modpacks.

Now accepting Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies!

We've recently added support to accept payments through BitPay, meaning you can pay for your service with us using Bitcoin and other BitPay accepted cryptocurrencies (Bitcoin Cash and XRP).

Removal of free Minecraft servers

Unfortunately, due to lack of interest, we've had to discontinue our free servers. If you require your server data, please email with your Minecraft username.

Changing server location and hardware

Within the next week, we'll be moving our existing clients over to new dedicated servers situated in Düsseldorf, DE. With this move comes upgraded hardware, as we're switching from Xeon E-2276G chips (13,282 PassMark score) to Ryzen 9 Pro 3900 chips (31,989 PassMark score). We've updated our existing clients of the move, and are providing price reductions for their loyalty through the move. We came to the conclusion that this change was for the best as Düsseldorf is a central European city and could provide better ping times to a larger group of people, while still providing exceptional ping times for our UK clients. Further details about our new hardware can be found on our FAQs section in the coming days.

There will be minimal downtime once the server move commences, however, we are unable to transfer IPs such that clients will have to connect to their services from an updated IP.

Control panel update

We've recently updated our control panel with a security patch. This patches a few exploits found in the previous versions of the panel.

Further Minecraft price reductions!

We've lowered our price per GB of RAM for both Minecraft and Minecraft: Bedrock edition (MC:PE) from £2.50 to just £2! This price amendment will apply to both new and existing customers - there's no better time to join us than right now!

New permanent coupon!

We're making our new coupon, "50off", permanent. This means that any newly registered or returning clients can receive 50% off their first month's service with us.

A big Minecraft update

We've started releasing free Minecraft server hosting. There are a few caveats to free hosting compared to our paid plans, however. To learn more, go to: