game host network changelog
game host network changelog

Order pages being slow

We recently noticed that our order forms have been spectacularly slow - taking up to 60s to load content! This was a problem specific to our DDoS protection being improperly configured for communication with the control panel, and has since been resolved. We apologise for any inconvenience this may have caused to our prospective and current customers!

Decomissioning of DE1 and DE2 - completed

We finished decommissioning DE1 and DE2. These two servers have been replaced by DE3 and DE4, where DE1 and DE2 will return once we add to our nodes again. Additonally, ArmA 3, Insurgency: Sandstorm, and Mordhau have been removed from the list of supported games, as each saw little interest by our customers.

Upgraded client area

We've recently upgraded the client area by migrating it to a new machine (separating the front-end static webserver and the client area). This means that the client area should be a whole lot more responsive. It's all up and running now at where you can login with the same credentials as before.

More robust filtering measures in place

We've had a bit of a nightmare over the last week or so. We've been constantly battling with obscure DDoS methods, locking down our servers with new filters each time. As a result of these changes, ICMP has been blocked completely (which means you can't do trace routes nor MTRs to the server, however, this was for the best), and a bunch of other filters have been added to protect SSH ports, game server ports, and all other unused ports have been dropped. Hopefully this should mean that after today (where we've applied filters to drop BACnet UDP packets, which were causing problems) DDoS attacks either become a lot rarer, or possibly even non-existent on our nodes.

We've never heard of a BACnet UDP attack, and it's likely you haven't either; but essentially it's an explot where attackers can make use of the BACnet port (47808), even if it isn't open, and use this to DDoS a node. This shouldn't have happened with's protection, however, their team is looking into it and dropping the protocol by the time we wrote this message.

Again, we'd like to thank you for your patience over this hugely annoying period. We will continue to monitor the situation, and implement new filters when things go wrong - let's hope they don't!

High latency on DE3

We noticed that last evening (approx. 19:00 GMT) ping to DE3 was rather high. This has been discovered as a network configuration issue on Path's end, and is being fixed as we speak. This issue should be resolved in the next few hours. We apologise for any inconveniece this may have caused.

DE3 status monitor refreshed

We had to refresh the status monitor this evening, as we made some filter changes which meant that the monitor type (ping) detected that the server was down, when it was actually fine. We have logged the recent downtime due to DDoS attacks and have implemented further stateful filters to each of our new ports on the service. This means that there should be less chance of the server going down due to a UDP flood, as most ports have been blocked (apart from those which are essential). We sincerely apologize for any inconvenience caused.

Valheim added

We've just added a new game to our lineup - Valheim. It is purchasable in either small, medium, or lage VDGS sizes. We've had a number of clients request this game, so we made sure to support it as soon as we could.

It's looking a little dark in here...

We've recently updated our site to incorporate a dark theme, which we believe better represents our brand. This update to the site makes it look a lot cleaner, more presentable, and more readable. We hope everyone enjoys this minor update!


Drum roll please!..

Our new hardware has arrived! Every new customer will be using our latest and greatest hardware, featuring the AMD Ryzen 9 5950X - existing customers will be transferred to new nodes in the coming weeks. As suggested before, this new node (and every node thereafter) will include superior DDoS protection. However, during the time between that announcement and this one, the level of protection has been increased from 500Gbps+ to 3500Gbps+ (and 700M+ PPS). We are highly confident that future nodes will not suffer from Joe Blogg's DDoSing your Minecraft server because you banned him for griefing. Jokes aside, our new nodes feature the best of the best in terms of processors and DDoS protection! We're super happy with this result, and hope you are too ;)

Big changes - coming (very) soon

In response to the recent DDoS attacks, we are going to employ a new mitigation system, which should hopefully provide our nodes with up to 500Gbps of DDoS protection (and up to 700M PPS - 700 million packets per second). This should render most DDoS attacks virtually pointless.

In addition to this, we are adding a new node to the network, with much upgraded specs (we'll let you know more as soon as its allocated). Our existing customers will be transferred to one of these nodes for free (within the next month), however, your associated IP will change with this move - clients will be emailed shortly about exactly what's happening.

On a slightly less positive note, due to the decision of our overnight staff member to leave us, support will now only be available from the hours of 9:00 to 21:00 (GMT). All tickets sent overnight will be picked up the following morning, and solved as soon as possible. This information will be reflected in the related FAQ in the client area.

We hope most of this information excites you as much as it does us!