Free Shipping Popup changelog
Free Shipping Popup changelog

Product Targeting edge cases




There are several scenarios when a shop can have multiple shipping zones within the same country. We have improved the application logic and covered these cases 🚀

All these scenarios are described in our documentation.


Sale prices support




Screenshot 2022-11-25 at 18.21.04.png

It is easy as it is. The application started supporting Shopify sale prices!

Better custom themes support




Custom Shopify store themes sometimes use specific ways they can add products to the user's shopping cart. We covered several cases with this update. It allows the popup to be displayed exactly when it is supposed to and look the expected way 😻.

Product Targeting improvements




The Product Targeting functionality allows showing the popup only when a particular product from a specific collection (manual or smart) is added to the user's shopping cart. In order to keep the list of products and collections up to date on the application side, we subscribe to any product updates the store has. This synchronization process took a lot of time previously. It is optimized and speeded up now. Faster product and collection targeting synchronization helps you to display the popup only when it is really needed!

Screenshot 2022-11-22 at 16.24.41.png

The Product Targeting functionality is available starting from the Targeting subscription plan.

Improve overall app integration




The Free Shipping Popup application listens for any events that happen with the user's shopping cart. Some other Shopify applications or customized themes' logic interacts with the same flow and can break the application logic.
We applied improvements that increase the app integration stability and help to reduce such cases.

Support new store themes




We are constantly working on integration improvements. Since more and more Shopify store themes are appearing, we want to be sure our application works and supports all of them.
We applied a more general solution that allows us not to worry about theme compatibility and helps the app to better integrate with any Shopify shop 🪄.

The upper weight-based rate fix




The weight-based free shipping goal behavior for the case with no upper weight limit is covered now! The UI has been changed a bit as well. The weight-based rate is showing as 'minimal rate' and up for these scenarios.
The user will see the final free shipping popup when their shopping cart's weight is more or equal to the minimum weight limit.

Screenshot 2022-11-18 at 12.07.28.png

The Geolocation Targeting functionality is available starting from the Targeting subscription plan.

More accurate impressions reset date




Screenshot 2022-11-18 at 11.51.34.png

We count every impression (popup showing) your store users see. This number is reset when a new billing cycle is started. The start date of the billing cycle is the date when you subscribe to a particular application plan. For some rare edge cases, the impression reset time was inaccurate. It is improved and fixed now.

The application started working appropriately even without Third-Party Cookies




Third-party cookies are cookies that are set by a website other than the one the user is currently on.
Some parts of our application (the popup preview mode and the contact us form) did not work appropriately for users who decided to block these cookies. We do not want to lose contact with you under any circumstances so this issue is resolved and everything works now even if you decide to disable Third-Party Cookies.

Speeded up the Shopify shipping zones synchronization process




We continue working on the Geolocation Targeting improvements.
Albeit it is more related to internal adjustments but it sped up the shop's shipping zones synchronization process including updating information related to provinces and states.
This functionality is available starting from the Targeting subscription plan.