Realtime Updates and new permissions helper on the Schedule

2019.4.0 - It's been another busy month working on several large features that we're excited to finally be delivering. The update introduces realtime schedule updates that broadcasts any changes made to bookings across all connected schedules, without the need for a page refresh.

This is especially useful when you have multiple people working on the same schedule and having up to date booking information is crucial to avoiding scheduling conflicts and confusion.

Also new is the Schedule Permissions Helper tool, a new handy dropdown box on the schedule that explains exactly the level of permissions a logged in user has, and why those permissions have been applied. This tool will go a long way to clearing up confusion that can be created by the many optional layers of settings and access permissions that FoxOMS offers.


In addition to these new features, several bugs have been fixed, including one that would cause unnecessary logouts even during an active session.