FoxOMS changelog
FoxOMS changelog

Project Phases & Milestones




2022.10.0 - When planning out a project, it can be helpful to visualise due dates of deliverables or to get an overview of the time left to allocate to each stage of a project.

Over the weekend we added additional rows on the Sonderplan Project Schedule, where phases and milestones can be created by dragging or double clicking on the cell above the project you're scheduling.

New Project Phase.gif

Having a dedicated space for phases and milestones means there's less clutter on the schedule and it removes the need to create pseudo bookings which previously had to be used to track this information.

Sonderplan Milestone.png

Phases & Milestones also appear within the project window, under the new "Phases and Milestones" tab.


Project Phases & Milestones are now available to all customers of FoxOMS who can access Sonderplan at no additional cost.