2019.3 brings many improvements to invoicing

2019.3.0 - Happy Friday! We've been working hard on improving the invoicing experience. Today's update brings some much needed updates to the FoxOMS quote and invoice editor, with better layout and responsiveness for a whole range of screen sizes.

This update also brings with it the ability to customise the text description (a very popular feature request) of invoice items via several new fields within rate schemes.

Screen Shot 2019-03-08 at 09.29.02.png

Speaking of Rate Scheme improvements, we've also reached feature parity with rate schemes on the developer API, so full Create, Read, Update and Delete is now supported on the rate scheme endpoint.

The Admin -> People screen got a makeover with the main table being upgraded to our dynamic column datatable, giving you easy access to almost all of the attributes of each person. The table also includes export options for Excel, CSV and PDF files.

This release fixes around 20 minor and miscellaneous bugs across the app, with minor performance improvements also rolled in.

As usual, if you have any feedback on this release or have other feature requests for FoxOMS, we always welcome them at our support portal.