FoxOMS changelog
FoxOMS changelog

Introducing Horizontal Timeline Scrolling and a new 6 Month View

2021.1.4 - We're excited to announce that we've just rolled out horizontal scrolling for timeline views. Now you can see more of your Schedule by simply scrolling left or right.


Horizontal scrolling works especially well if your mouse has side scroll gesture support or a dedicated secondary scroll wheel. Horizontal timeline scrolling can be enabled from the Schedule Settings menu.


We've also added an experimental new 6 month timeline view that makes it easier to get a long term overview of your facilities schedule.


2021.1.4 also contains several fixes, including a schedule filtering bug and resolves an issue that could occur when cloning a project.

2021 starts with API improvements and larger custom field values

2021.1.2 - Our first couple of releases this year have focused on extending the updated_after parameter to more endpoints in our developer API.

Custom field text input and text area values have been expanded to allow larger text blocks to be stored.

Lastly, we've also fixed several minor issues and made performance improvements across the whole web application.

New: Display Public Holidays on your Schedule

2020.11.4 - Over the weekend we rolled out a feature that enables you to load public holidays directly into your Schedule. Public holidays are region specific and can be selected from 250 countries and 3680 states and provinces.


For more information on how to enable public holidays on your Schedule's please see this following help article.

Moving Email Delivery to AWS

2020.11.2.2 - Today we've begun transitioning to a new email provider (AWS) to manage our outgoing email delivery. There should be no impact on deliveries.

GSuite customers may see some emails delayed by up to 4minutes as spam filters adjust to our new IP addresses.

Please reach out to our support team if you see any issues with the service.

New: Show confirmation window after bookings are moved, extended or trimmed.

2020.11.2 - If you've ever accidentally moved a booking whilst working on the schedule, this new option is for you. Once enabled any bookings that are moved, extended or trimmed will trigger a helpful confirmation dialog:


To enable this feature, please check out this documentation page for details.

New: Select columns in Booking Excel Exports

2020.11.1 - In this update we've introduced the ability to select and exclude columns from the Booking Excel spreadsheet export tool, making it easier to export just the data you need.


We've also resolved several issues with downloading files that have been uploaded to bookings.

New: Booking Locks enable safer multi-user scheduling

2020.11.0 - We've introduced a new feature called booking locks that restrict the editing of a booking to a single user at a time, reducing the risk of changes being lost when multiple users are scheduling.


You can read more about this new feature on our documentation site: Automatic Booking Locks

New Invoice & Quote currency selection option

2020.10.2.3 - Due to popular demand from our European clients, we've now introduced a feature that allows individual invoices and quotes to have their currencies switched.

FoxOMS-Currency-Selector-Lightbox.png The new option can be accessed by clicking "Change Currency" in the cog menu on the invoice or quote you're editing:


Print or PDF export individual bookings

2020.10.1.4 - Happy Friday! We've just rolled out a small update that enables printing individual bookings.

2020-10-16 11_40_33-Window.png

The print out contains all the information on the booking preview screen and can be sent to a printer or to a PDF document (depending on your browser).

We hope you find this feature useful and as always, please continue to submit your feature requests to us!

Extend Billable Items with Custom Fields

2020.10.1 - We hope you're having a great start to the week! We've just rolled out 2020.10.1 which includes an enhancement several bug fixes to billable items as well as the ability to add additional fields and metadata via Custom Fields.


We'll be looking to improve the usability of the data captured in billable item custom fields in the coming weeks, but we thought it was important to get this feature out there to at least allow data to be captured.

Happy Scheduling!