New Custom Field Rate Scheme Feature

2019.10.1 - In this release we've added a new rate scheme type called "Custom Field Adjustments". In a nut shell, this allows you to specify different rates on bookings and projects dependent on the values of a custom field.

This is perfect for any facility that has multi purpose edit suites, that need different billing depending on what service or task has been booked.

For example, if you had a multi purpose edit suite that offered Flame compositing as well as Avid or Premiere editing, you could create a booking custom field with Flame, Avid or Premiere as options and setup different rate schemes for each service booked.

When you go to create a quote or invoice, FoxOMS will look at the custom field and choose the appropriate rate to charge for that room.

You'll find all the documentation for this new rate scheme type here in our documentation


2019.10.1 also contains several fixes and improvements including a fix for showing line breaks in the booking preview window as well as on calendar feed outputs.

Fixed an issue with creating bookings from limited accounts

2019.10 - Fixed a problem where some accounts with limited access to FoxOMS could have issues saving or editing bookings with people resources. The underlying issue was introduced by the API ACL improvements we rolled out earlier.

Added additional CSS selectors to Quote / Invoice Templates

2019.9.2 - We've added CSS classes to the summary rows allowing more styling options. Please see these docs for more information.

New Billable Items Feature

2019.9.1 - FoxOMS has long had the useful feature of converting your bookings into 1 click quotes and invoices, using rate schemes to determine how much each resource should cost dynamically.

However there was a gap when it came to adding static items like consumables, (eg portable drives, memory cards and render time) to bills as they needed to be added manually on each invoice.

Today we're rolling out a new feature called "Billable Items" which aims to improve this workflow by allowing fixed price items to be quickly added to quotes and invoices, with their associated description and costs pre-filled making the entire quoting / invoicing process a lot simpler.

For more information please see this documentation link

Fixed issue with custom groups accessing Admin interface

2019.7.1.8 - Fixed a problem where custom groups with access to the admin panel could not access certain screens.

Fixed issue with Bookings in Projects not displaying correctly

2019.7.1.6 - We've released an update that would cause the bookings table within projects to not render correctly when there was one or more booking in the 'Current' status.

API Security Improvements

2019.7.0 - The FoxOMS API now enforces the same security rules as the web application, allowing customers more control over their security and privacy of data when integrating with third party applications and platforms.

For more information about the new access control features, please visit our developer api documentation site.

New Booking API Endpoints

2019.6.0 - Today we released a BETA version of two booking API endpoints, create and edit. This new endpoint allows external systems to create and manipulate bookings within the FoxOMS database.

For all the details please visit our developer api documentation site at

Fixed issue with Sales Report showing incorrect totals

2019.5.1 - This release fixes an issue with the sales report timeline, with some weeks, months and years not calculating the correct totals.

API Upgrades to the FoxOMS People and Organization Endpoints

2019.5.0 - Today we released a major upgrade that now opens up complete Create, Read, Update and Delete (CRUD) functionality for both the People and Organization REST API endpoints. The FoxOMS web admin people and organization components have also been rewritten to use the new API endpoints allowing us to ensure feature parity between the two applications and maintain backwards compatibility.

Please see our developer API for more information.