Fixed people resource name issue

2020.1.11.1 - Today we rolled out a small bug fix that resolves an issue where changes to the names of people (that were also assigned as resources) would not automatically update the resource name.

Booking Notification Updates

2020.1.9 - We've just pushed an update which adds several improvements, particularly with booking notifications. These email notifications now show the booking client as well as any repeat booking information.

This release also fixes an issue that would not refresh the schedule if the realtime updates feature was disabled. It also adds additional booking information to the booking preview screen.

New Schedule Option to BCC Admins on Booking Notification Emails

2020.1.8 - This small update includes a new feature that allows administrators to be BCC'd on all booking notification emails. This was requested by one of our University clients and is useful if you want to have a complete audit trail on all booking notifications being delivered to user resources.

Information on how to enable the BCC Admins feature can be found in our documentation.

Fixes for recently introduced schedule issues

2020.1.6 - We've rolled out a maintenance release which fixes 2 issues introduced by the major 2020.1.5 release:

  1. Booking clash exclusions based on resource types (an advanced option in the schedule module settings) are now honoured again. You won't receive booking clash warnings if you've selected resource types to exclude.
  2. An issue that would not display bookings if they were created without any resources.

Thank-you to everyone who has helped report issues.

Schedule Performance Upgrades

2020.1.5 - We've just released our first major software update for 2020. Most of the improvements are under the hood but they include:

  • A major upgrade to the core scheduling library that powers the Schedule. This upgrade optimises performance and includes several fixes for known issues.
  • The Schedule now uses the FoxOMS API to process all save and deletions. This allows us to move forward with several exciting integration features that have been waiting for this to occur.
  • New Schedule PDF export action allows specifying of portrait or landscape modes, as well as a much higher quality representation of what the schedule is showing.
  • Added ability to control whether booking repeats are deleted when removing a master booking.
  • Optimised how FoxOMS loads assets to improve page load times and overall snappiness of the application.

If you find any issues or you have any suggestions on how we can further improve FoxOMS, please contact us.

Fixed issue with creating projects

2019.12.5 - We've rolled out a bug fix for an issue that prevented some limited users from successfully creating projects with clients added.

Date limited rate scheme bug fix

2019.12.3 - We've released a small but important fix for a recently introduced bug that would affect pre-filling quotes or invoices which were in scope of a date limited rate scheme. The issue should now be resolved.

Project, Schedule Improvements & API Progress

2019.12.1 - Well the end of the year is almost upon us and to finish the year on a positive note we've just rolled out some highly anticipated features.

  • A completely redesigned project creation screen now opens in a 'lightbox' allowing projects to be created from anywhere within the app.
  • Two new "plus" icons in the schedule sidebar allow you to create projects and clients without leaving the Schedule or booking editor: Screen Shot 2019-12-25 at 22.54.04.png
  • The project API is now 100% functional, with full create, read, update and delete functionality,
  • Creation or editing of projects now trigger email notifications to all who are added to the project, showing a detailed breakdown of who changed what.
  • The booking API is now also 100% functional, with the final deletion endpoint put in place.
  • Tens of bugs have been fixed, and overall performance and responsiveness has improved.
  • Thousands of lines of code have been refactored in the project module to utilise the API for data operations, helping to standardise naming conventions and "DRY" (Don't repeat yourself) out the codebase.

Merry Christmas from the FoxOMS Team.

New Custom Field Rate Scheme Feature

2019.10.1 - In this release we've added a new rate scheme type called "Custom Field Adjustments". In a nut shell, this allows you to specify different rates on bookings and projects dependent on the values of a custom field.

This is perfect for any facility that has multi purpose edit suites, that need different billing depending on what service or task has been booked.

For example, if you had a multi purpose edit suite that offered Flame compositing as well as Avid or Premiere editing, you could create a booking custom field with Flame, Avid or Premiere as options and setup different rate schemes for each service booked.

When you go to create a quote or invoice, FoxOMS will look at the custom field and choose the appropriate rate to charge for that room.

You'll find all the documentation for this new rate scheme type here in our documentation


2019.10.1 also contains several fixes and improvements including a fix for showing line breaks in the booking preview window as well as on calendar feed outputs.

Fixed an issue with creating bookings from limited accounts

2019.10 - Fixed a problem where some accounts with limited access to FoxOMS could have issues saving or editing bookings with people resources. The underlying issue was introduced by the API ACL improvements we rolled out earlier.