FoxOMS changelog
FoxOMS changelog

Quotes & Invoices released in Sonderplan





After more than 3 months in development I'm pleased to announce the addition of Quotes & Invoices to Sonderplan.

The invoice editor has been re-written from the ground up and includes several new features, including invoice item grouping, hiding of items from exports, multiple taxes on items and a user friendly design.


More than 17K lines of code were added to this release, but there are still many improvements coming soon, including support for attachments and further quote / template enhancements.

Please report all issues and feedback to

Customisable Booking Labels






2023.1.1 - Happy New Year!

We've added customisable booking labels to Sonderplan, in the Schedule preferences window. Unlike in FoxOMS, this is a 'user level' setting which means everyone can pick the label format they prefer.


We also fixed a recently introduced issue in FoxOMS, where DataTables would not save the column selections.

Quick Edit Bookings in Place




2022.10.2 - We've just rolled out an update to Sonderplan that allows bookings to be edited directly within the booking preview window.


Previously it was required to click "Edit on Schedule", which would first open the booking on the Schedule.

"Edit in place" allows you to make the changes without leaving the page and interrupting your flow.

Sonderplan is now available to all customers of FoxOMS at no additional cost.

Project Phases & Milestones




2022.10.0 - When planning out a project, it can be helpful to visualise due dates of deliverables or to get an overview of the time left to allocate to each stage of a project.

Over the weekend we added additional rows on the Sonderplan Project Schedule, where phases and milestones can be created by dragging or double clicking on the cell above the project you're scheduling.

New Project Phase.gif

Having a dedicated space for phases and milestones means there's less clutter on the schedule and it removes the need to create pseudo bookings which previously had to be used to track this information.

Sonderplan Milestone.png

Phases & Milestones also appear within the project window, under the new "Phases and Milestones" tab.


Project Phases & Milestones are now available to all customers of FoxOMS who can access Sonderplan at no additional cost.

Public Holidays on Timeline Views




2022.7.3 - We've made a small yet significant update to the timeline views in Sonderplan, with public holidays now highlighted and tooltips showing the name of the holiday.


Public holidays can be enabled and set to a particular region, under Admin -> Schedules -> (Schedule Name) -> Settings.


Single Sign On now available in Sonderplan




2022.7.2 - Today we've rolled out support for Single Sign On (SAML SSO) in Sonderplan. SAML SSO allows you and your team to login to Sonderplan with your existing Google Workspace, Office 365, One Login and Okta accounts, a win for both security conscious administrators and users who don't have to remember multiple passwords.


Configuring SAML SSO is relatively straight forward in Admin -> System Settings in Sonderplan. If you require any assistance please don't hesitate to contact our support team.

Repeat Bookings now available in Sonderplan




2022.7.1 - Today we rolled out our second major update for July, the headline feature being the addition of the repeat bookings popover to the bookings sidebar.

Sonderplan Repeat Booking

Repeat bookings (aka recurring events), allow you to quickly and efficiently create multiple, linked copies from a single booking, that occur at specified intervals.

In Sonderplan you can specify that bookings repeat hourly, daily, weekly and monthly. You can also specify the days that a booking repeats, as well as whether the repeat ends on a certain date or after a certain number of occurrences.

Repeat bookings in Sonderplan are fully backwards compatible with recurring bookings in FoxOMS.

Sonderplan BETA now generally available




2022.6.3 - Today we're excited to announce that the Sonderplan BETA is now generally available to users of FoxOMS.

To access your BETA instance please click on the arrow next to your name in the FoxOMS user account menu and click Sonderplan BETA.

Currently the BETA can only be accessed by users on standard accounts, we'll be providing access to SAML SSO users in the coming weeks.

As always, we welcome feedback on Sonderplan which you can provide through our support portal.


Annoucing Sonderplan




After more than a year in development, I'm excited to announce an update to FoxOMS which we are rolling out as a completely new service, Sonderplan.

Among other things, Sonderplan features a faster, simplified interface, (with Dark Mode 🥂), it's installable on mobile and desktop devices and contains a new Contacts module.

To read more about Sonderplan, which is now in BETA, please see our full announcement here.


Customise Quote & Invoice Prefixes




2021.10.1 - In this small update we've made quote and invoice prefixes customisable. Please go to Admin -> Module Settings -> Sales -> Invoice / Quote Settings to configure this setting