Fixed issue with Sales Report showing incorrect totals

2019.5.1 - This release fixes an issue with the sales report timeline, with some weeks, months and years not calculating the correct totals.

API Upgrades to the FoxOMS People and Organization Endpoints

2019.5.0 - Today we released a major upgrade that now opens up complete Create, Read, Update and Delete (CRUD) functionality for both the People and Organization REST API endpoints. The FoxOMS web admin people and organization components have also been rewritten to use the new API endpoints allowing us to ensure feature parity between the two applications and maintain backwards compatibility.

Please see our developer API for more information.

Fixed issue with copying/pasting bookings

2019.4.2.4 - Today we rolled out a fix for a bug that would fail to correctly copy booking custom fields if the page had been reloaded.

New Reports Module

2019.4.2 - Today we rolled out the first version of the long awaited Reports module, containing 5 interactive graphs that will help provide visibility into the bookings, projects, quotes and invoices behind your business.

The reports are made up of bar, line and trendline graphs, customisable time frames and reporting scales.

Reports is immediately available to all customers and trial users. As usual, we welcome all feedback on our new features.

Screen Shot 2019-04-27 at 10.42.55.png

Customisable Working Week and Schedule API Updates

2019.4.1 - We've rolled out an update that allows the working week be customised. Although the Saturday/Sunday weekend is most common, in some parts of the world the weekend is Friday/Saturday, just Friday or just Sunday. This option is customisable within the settings section of each schedule.

This update also introduced create / update and delete endpoints for the schedule API endpoint.

Realtime Updates and new permissions helper on the Schedule

2019.4.0 - It's been another busy month working on several large features that we're excited to finally be delivering. The update introduces realtime schedule updates that broadcasts any changes made to bookings across all connected schedules, without the need for a page refresh.

This is especially useful when you have multiple people working on the same schedule and having up to date booking information is crucial to avoiding scheduling conflicts and confusion.

Also new is the Schedule Permissions Helper tool, a new handy dropdown box on the schedule that explains exactly the level of permissions a logged in user has, and why those permissions have been applied. This tool will go a long way to clearing up confusion that can be created by the many optional layers of settings and access permissions that FoxOMS offers.


In addition to these new features, several bugs have been fixed, including one that would cause unnecessary logouts even during an active session.

2019.3 brings many improvements to invoicing

2019.3.0 - Happy Friday! We've been working hard on improving the invoicing experience. Today's update brings some much needed updates to the FoxOMS quote and invoice editor, with better layout and responsiveness for a whole range of screen sizes.

This update also brings with it the ability to customise the text description (a very popular feature request) of invoice items via several new fields within rate schemes.

Screen Shot 2019-03-08 at 09.29.02.png

Speaking of Rate Scheme improvements, we've also reached feature parity with rate schemes on the developer API, so full Create, Read, Update and Delete is now supported on the rate scheme endpoint.

The Admin -> People screen got a makeover with the main table being upgraded to our dynamic column datatable, giving you easy access to almost all of the attributes of each person. The table also includes export options for Excel, CSV and PDF files.

This release fixes around 20 minor and miscellaneous bugs across the app, with minor performance improvements also rolled in.

As usual, if you have any feedback on this release or have other feature requests for FoxOMS, we always welcome them at our support portal.

Enhanced Schedule Permissions and API > Booking Improvements

2019.2.2.1 - Introduces a new setting for people that are both Users and Resources, called "Schedule Booking View". This new setting gives you more fine grained control on the bookings that these people are allowed to see within FoxOMS.

We also continued to make big improvements to our API, this time adding more helpful information to the bookings endpoint, such as names of clients, more information on projects, as well as data on the quotes and invoices that were generated from each booking.

Booking notes now wrap in booking window

2019.2.1.3 - Bookings with long notes will now neatly wrap in the booking overview window and can be viewed fully in the booking preview window.

Resource booking feeds, week numbers in views and a new booking preview feature

2019.2.1 - In this version we've introduced a new type of booking feed which displays bookings based on a single resource. This is ideal if you're setting up iPad style displays for your rooms which need to regularly sync down bookings for just a single resource.


We've also introduced an option to display week numbers on all the schedule timeline views, giving you a better sense of where you are in the year.

Lastly, we've introduced a new 'booking preview' feature which displays a summary of the booking fields in a lightbox, rather than opening the standard booking sidebar editor.

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