Releasing beta stage 4 - Translations

In this stage 4, we introduce the possibility of translations, from now based on the language of the browser of the user, Formette is automatically translated. At this moment we have translations into English and Portuguese, in case your language is not available, the default is automatically loaded, in this case English.

Whats is coming to Stage 5 - Functionalities

This will be the longest stage but it will be worthwhile, we will introduce new features and improvements to the current ones. Features that will be released gradually for example stage 5.1. Some of the expected features:

  • Filters and research in the submission tables;
  • Actions (e.g. Delete) in the submission tables;
  • New preview page of the individual submissions detail;
  • Export table data into pdf
  • More personalization when creating a new form, such as: Security and choice gives page submission successfully;
  • More personalization on profile
  • A lot more...