Releasing beta stage 5.3 - Improvements in organization

In this stage we made some small but significant improvements to the organization of the interface experience. We have grouped certain functionality in creating forms to focus on what really matters. We corrected the bug that was happening when adding a custom redirect. Finally, we have improved internal aspects such as integrating a type system into all components.

We are predicting for the next stage the addition of spam filtering.

Experiment and create account

Releasing beta stage 5.2 - Custom Redirect

In this new update, we added more customization in the creation of a form, it is now possible to customize the redirect when a form is submitted successfully. We've improved aspects on mobile and from now on new users must accept the terms and privacy policy before creating an account.

Releasing beta stage 5.1 - Table Actions & Export

In this long stage 5, we are releasing new features. Stage 5.1 adds actions to tables, is now possible to delete and view form content. We added alerts and locales to tables, improved context on user account validation. Big new feature is export, now possible to export to csv or pdf.

Releasing beta stage 4 - Translations

In this stage 4, we introduce the possibility of translations, from now based on the language of the browser of the user, Formette is automatically translated. At this moment we have translations into English and Portuguese, in case your language is not available, the default is automatically loaded, in this case English.

Whats is coming to Stage 5 - Functionalities

This will be the longest stage but it will be worthwhile, we will introduce new features and improvements to the current ones. Features that will be released gradually for example stage 5.1. Some of the expected features:

  • Filters and research in the submission tables;
  • Actions (e.g. Delete) in the submission tables;
  • New preview page of the individual submissions detail;
  • Export table data into pdf
  • More personalization when creating a new form, such as: Security and choice gives page submission successfully;
  • More personalization on profile
  • A lot more...

Releasing beta stage 3 - Security & Performance

In this stage we have improved several aspects in the internal security of the application and in our API. In terms of performance we improved page loading and validations. Below is the list of improvements we made on this Stage 3

  • Added code splitting;
  • Added new react context to manage global state;
  • User validations, like session and page redirects;
  • API States on form submissions;
  • Mobile navigation fixes;
  • Improved Profile feedback;
  • Improved Form view feedback now shows if the form is disabled;

Whats is coming to Stage 4 - Translations

In this stage we will put the application prepared for internationalization, that is, translations. In this phase we will make available two languages, English and Portuguese and will be selected base on your browser language.

New feedbacks on forms submissions

From now on submitting a form there are new visual feedbacks. Now whenever you submit a form successfully a visual message presented. There are visual messages for the following status: Success, Error, if the form is disabled or something wrong happened with the validation.

Releasing beta stage 2 - Mobile

We are proud to launch the new interface mobile for Formette.

In this update of stage 2 we have made several improvements to our mobile interface, a new navigation and improvements to the responsive feel for different devices.The user experience has been improved, new animations, new feedback and much more.

Our application is now prepared for PWA, running independently on your device with a native icon and much more.

What is coming to beta stage 3 - Security and Performance?

  • Improve performance, faster loading of pages
  • Improve security in text boxes
  • Code-splitting
  • Improve code verification page

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Releasing beta stage 1 - New UI

We are proud to launch the new interface for Formette. In this update of stage 1 we have made several improvements, a new internal structure in the components and in the theme, from now on it will be easier to improve and create new functionalities.

The user experience has been improved, new cards, new tables and introduction of the research in the forms and much more.

What is coming to beta stage 2 - mobile?

  • Improved interface for mobile
  • New mobile icons
  • Navigation below
  • Native appearance
  • Adaptation to the Progressive Web App (PWA)

Experiment and create account

Added a status, helpdesk and privacy pages

We update and add some essential parts of our website and application. New pages have been added such as application states, privacy document, and helpdesk.


Through application states it is possible to check the performance and maintenance of both Formette applications (Web App and Website). View states


Through the Freshdesk service it is now possible to make tickets for new problems, suggestions or even to look for help in the database.View helpdesk

Privacy Policy

You can now view our privacy policy, designed to be simple, use the short form to be aware of our privacy policy. View privacy

New Chat Service

We have added a new chat service for our applications, with new integrations and new mechanisms so we can provide an improved and intuitive experience with this new conversation application

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