Forexly updates
Forexly updates

Broker reference bug fixed





Due to a bug external broker references were not always stored correctly. Due to this bug, in very rare cases, cash trades loaded via csv were omitted.

As of 6 November 2019 all cash trade reference will be loaded correctly.

Action required: It is advised to reload all cash trades from Feb 2019 up to Nov 2019.


Update 8 November: second bug fixed which lead to data irregularities.

Reports makeover





I'm glad to announce that the reports for positions, PnL and option premiums received a major update. The main improvements are:

  • New predefined timerange selections (month-to-date, previous month, year-to-date and previous year).
  • New key performance indicators (KPIs), including trading volume, with delta indicators.
  • Reports now only include trade data based on user rights. Read-only accounts will see reports for all books within an organisation.
  • Differentiation between realised & total PnL (beta).
  • New feature to download full PDF exports.
  • Major report generation speed improvements.


Announcing the new usage dashboard





I'm glad to announce Forexly is also able to measure the usage of the app within your organisation.

The mail goal is to accelerate adoption and usage of the app. It shows activity (measured in clicks) of it's users in certain areas of the app, like:

  1. Expirations activity
  2. Reposts activity
  3. Input activity

More reports will be available soon!


Introducing risk management for option expirations





Super excited to announce some big updates to Forexly's option expiration features. With Risk Management you can simulate the effect of a future forex prediction on your option expiration. The main features are:

  • CCY shock simulation
  • Correlation matrix calculates the effects on 15 main ccy's.
  • Calculates the effect on your positions.
  • Scenario rates plotted in risk overview graph.


Reports Menu Refresh





Today we updated the menu structure in the reporting area. Main goal was to make it easier to navigate and group similar reports into single tabbed pages.

The different user types see different menu items:

Regular trader users:

  • Positions (current, netto & historic)
  • P&L (running day)
  • Rates (EOD & interest)

Administrator & Read-only users:

  • Positions (current, netto & historic; for all books)
  • P&L (YOY, YTD & MTD; for all books)
  • Premiums (YOY, YTD & MTD; for all books)
  • Collateral
  • Rates (EOD & interest)


Introducing Read-Only Accounts





Super happy to introduce the read-only account type. Read-only accounts will be able to see all blotters, expirations and reports of all books within an organisation, but without the ability to add/delete or modify data.

This type of account is especially useful for accountants or management looking for team insights.

read-only.png All screens are available but all add/delete or modify buttons are disabled.

Improvements for Expirations





We made some usability tweaks in the expirations overview.

Options risk management

When options are at risk to be exercised you may want to know what the effect will be on your FX poistions. As of today you can see what this impact is on you current positions. expirations.png

Add options in other books

Adding option trades in other books than your default option book is now possible. There is no need to unlock these books anymore. Default book is still your default option book.


New changelog





new features will be announced here!