Forerunner changelog
Forerunner changelog

User Roles




It’s now easy to manage team access and activities in the Forerunner dashboard by granting variable permissions to account users based on their role. With this new feature, user roles determine the access levels users have to perform and manage activities in Forerunner.

New Forerunner roles include:

  • Manager: full product functionality and can invite/modify users
  • Member: full product functionality but cannot invite/modify users
  • Creator: full product functionality, cannot invite/modify users and cannot delete data
  • View Only: limited product functionality and cannot invite/modify users

Learn more about our user roles here.

An account’s Manager users can add a new user, suspend users, and alter existing users’ roles by navigating to Settings and clicking on the Team tab. This tab is only visible to Manager users. Manager users are able to add new users and select their role by clicking the blue + New User button in the righthand corner of the Team tab. They are able to assign the roles of Manager, Member, Creator and View Only. Each user’s role is visible under the Role heading on the Teams table.

Enterprise Permissions 4 .png

Manager users can select roles for other users by clicking the Actions button on the right side next to the desired user’s name. Then, click Change role to manage the user’s role. To learn more about each role, you can click Learn more about our user roles button at the bottom of the modal. Be sure to click Save if you modify a user’s role! Manager users can also suspend existing users by clicking the Actions button and then Suspend to remove the users from the account.

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