Forerunner changelog
Forerunner changelog

Transcription Editor




One of the most valuable features for our users is Elevation Certificate Data Extraction and Error Detection which enables us to transcribe the EC fields directly and identify issues against 100+ checks. While Forerunner’s data transcription accuracy is incredibly high and reliable, sometimes the transcription isn’t perfect. There are instances where these mis-transcriptions will flag an incorrect error or warning on the EC. We built the Transcription Editor with these challenges in mind. This feature allows users to manually add and delete values in each line item of the EC’s extracted data. If users notice a mis-transcription of the data or a value that wasn’t picked up by our software, they can now easily update the values to reflect the exact field contents in the EC.

To learn more about how to update transcriptions in your Forerunner app, visit our Helpdesk article.

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