Forerunner changelog
Forerunner changelog

Public Websites




Residents and community members can search for flood-specific information for any property within your account boundary through Forerunner’s improved public website. This public-facing website provides a comprehensive summary of flood data that reduces the workload for members of your team and helps to increase your flood risk communication reach. Residents can navigate to the public website and search for information and Elevation Certificates on a per-property basis without having to contact your team. You and your team can also easily email and print public property profiles to share with community members.

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Each community will get a custom URL for their public website. We recommend that you bookmark this URL and connect it to your website for CRS credits. Your custom URL will have your community name and state. For instance, Bay Head, NJ’s URL is By linking your Forerunner public website to your community’s website, you can receive CRS credits for sharing flood protection information with the public. If you're unsure how to do this, just reach out to us at If your community had an existing Flood Information Center, the same URL will be retained, so you don't have to worry about re-linking!

Check out 352.c on Forerunner’s CRS Guide for more information on credits.

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When visiting the public website through the URL, anyone can enter any address within your account boundaries on the homepage to access a public property profile. The public property profile details essential flood information, warnings and provides visitors with any visible elevation certificates associated with that property. You can click the Print page button to print and share a paper copy with residents.

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Click the Elevation Certificates button in the top right-hand corner to view and filter all publicly-visible Elevation Certificates uploaded to Forerunner for that community. Clicking the Get Help button lets members of the public submit requests for assistance from your team. A designated member of your team will receive an email when someone submits a help request and it will be recorded as a log in your Forerunner dashboard.