Forerunner changelog
Forerunner changelog

Public Property Profile




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We have added a sharing option for users who want to use Forerunner to share property information with residents and the public! You can now send a read-only public property link to recipients, who won't need a Forerunner account to view it. This feature will be especially handy for those of you who interact with various non-user stakeholders about things like: map changes, flood zones, insurance requirements, and EC availability.

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To use this feature, click the Share Public Profile button on any property within your account boundary. A modal will open with a few options:

  • Sending an email with a public link from Forerunner. To do this, fill in the Recipient first name, Recipient last name, Recipient email , and Recipient type. You can also select options under Additional actions. By default, Copy yourself on email and Create new resident log will be selected. Since the automatic email will be sent from, copying yourself will ensure that you receive any email responses that the recipient sends. Enabling Create new resident log will eliminate the need for logging the correspondence for the CRS later. Note that this new resident log will be automatically added to your account's Logs table. Click Send to send your email. After the email is sent, you'll be given the option to add to the log that was automatically created.
  • View Public Profile. The View public profile button at the bottom of the modal will open a new page into the read-only public facing page that you'll be sharing. This will give you a chance to review the page before you send it off.
  • Copy url link. Clicking Copy url link will copy the public page's url to your clipboard.

The Public Property Profile you send has a few characteristics that differ from your internal-facing experience:

  • Each Property Profile is for a specific address. Public viewers won't be able to see property information for other properties unless you send them a new public profile.
  • Public Profile viewers will be able to toggle between FIRMs but won't be able to change FIRM determinations. If you change a FIRM determination on your dashboard, it will automatically change for the Public Profile as well.
  • The Warnings section in the Public Profile will have flood insurance requirement and FIRM change warnings, but won't show compliance warnings
  • The Public Profile has limited tabs, including: Overview , SI/SD, and Certificates.