Forerunner changelog
Forerunner changelog

Pre-poulated Logs


We added new ways to interact with property logs. You can now view and update logs in two ways: from the Property Info Panel or from the main dashboard.

From the Property Info Panel

After searching for an address, select the Logs tab at the top of the Property Info Panel. This will show a record of past Resident Logs. To view additional information about an individual log, or to change the information in the log, click View.

To create a new log, press the blue + Add new button. On the next screen, the Property information (including Address, FIRM Panel, and Flood Zone) are prepopulated with the property information. Fill out the General, Property, Contact Information, and Discussion, then select Create Log at the bottom of the screen.

From the main dashboard

On the home screen, hover over the left menu panel to select Logs. From this screen, you can view and export logs from all properties on your map. Creating a new log from this screen is similar to creating it from the property address (begin by clicking + Create new). Information for the Property section of the log will not be prepopulated if you create a log from this view.