Forerunner changelog
Forerunner changelog

Hide/Display ECs on Resident Application






For users who have a Forerunner Flood Information Center, we've added a new option to hide ECs from the public resident website. This should help those of you who want to keep track of all of your ECs in Forerunner, but might not want all of those documents to be viewable by your community members. There are a few ways to use this new addition:

  • Click Certificates on your main sidebar. Open the Actions dropdown menu, select Hide from Website. To make a certificate visible again, toggle back to the dropdown and select Display on Website.
  • If you're viewing an individual EC, you'll see a new toggle option which asks Display document on Resident application? in General Settings under EC Display Settings. Toggling this will also change public visibility.

Elevation Certificates are Displayed by default and changes to EC public visibility can take up to a day to take effect.