Forerunner changelog
Forerunner changelog

Global and Property Activity Feed




We’ve added some additional features to improve your team’s coordination and enable better property tracking with the Global Activity Feed and the Property Activity Feed. You can now track actions taken on a per-property basis by any member of your team.

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Global Activity Feed

The Activity Feed is located under the  Address Search Bar at the top left corner of your Map. This feature tracks all property interactions performed by members of your team in chronological order. The interaction could include updates to Elevation Certificates, SI/SD costs, logs, and comments. These are organized by date and include a link to the property address. Click the address or activity in blue to quickly access the property and view the change.

Comments for each property made in the Property Info Panel are also displayed in the Activity Feed.

To minimize the Activity Feed, press the upward-facing arrow in the top right corner. To view more actions, click View More.

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Property Activity Feed

You can also view property-specific activities and interactions by navigating to the Activity tab in any Property Info Panel. Similar to the Global Activity Feed, the Property Activity Feed tracks all creations, deletions and updates to Elevation Certificates, SI/SD costs, logs and comments for that given property in chronological order.

You can also add comments in the Activity tab to make notes for that property. To delete your comments, click Edit and then Delete Comment.