Forerunner changelog
Forerunner changelog

FIRM Info Improvements





We’ve made a few Map and Property Info Panel improvements for ease of use!

Map Label

You’ll now see a blue label indicating the active FIRM at the bottom right-hand corner of your Map next to the Layers icon.

Toggling Maps

Additionally, you can now switch between your FIRMs using a dropdown menu in your Property Info Panel. Expanding the menu will allow you to easily switch between FIRMs. When you toggle between FIRMs, the information under FIRM info and the active Map will change. The FIRMs are labeled Regulatory and NFIP:

  • Regulatory is the map with the most restrictive flood zone and BFE values for the property, of all the FIRMs available in Forerunner.
  • NFIP is the Effective FIRM to be used for flood insurance information.

Note that when you open the Property Info Panel for any given property, we’ll show you the Regulatory map for that property by default. This means that different properties might have different FIRMs marked Regulatory, depending on which map is most restrictive.

Compare all FIRMs.png

Compare all FIRMs

For any community with more than one FIRM, the drop down menu will also always have an option to Compare all FIRMs. Choosing that option will open a modal window allowing a side-by-side comparison of FIRM values for your convenience.