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Forerunner changelog

Custom BFEs




In riverine communities, Base Flood Elevation, or BFE, must often be interpolated, making it more difficult for these communities to track the BFE for a given property. To better enable our riverine partner communities, and to create greater flexibility for all of our users, we have built a new feature to allow you to manually add custom BFEs to a property.

We see this feature being leveraged in several ways:

  • If you can interpolate an appropriate BFE for a property, or find a BFE through a different approved source, you can now add this to the property in Forerunner.
  • If a property is intersected by multiple zones, you can update the BFE to ensure that it reflects the BFE of the zone where the structure itself sits.
  • If the BFE of the structure varies from that of the parcel BFE provided by FEMA, you can now change the BFE to reflect that of the structure itself, rather than the parcel.
  • Often, community ordinance requires them to use the "best available flood data." If better BFE data is available then that provided by FEMA, you can change the BFE to the best available data.

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To learn more about how to update and edit BFEs in the Forerunner system, check out our Help Desk article on Flood Zones and BFEs.