Forerunner changelog
Forerunner changelog

Change Flood Zone & BFE for Parcels in Multiple Flood Zones

Change FIRM.png

By default, Forerunner displays the most restrictive flood zone and BFE for parcels that intersect more than one flood zone. This update allows you to change that determination for parcels spanning multiple. This might be applicable when a parcel's structure is entirely in a less-restrictive flood zone. In that circumstance, you might want to change the flood zone and BFE to more accurately represent the structure's risk.

To access this capability, open the Property Info Panel. Parcels spanning multiple flood zones show a message that reads:

The selected parcel is intersected by different zones. We chose the most restrictive determination for the parcel but the actual determination for the structure may differ. You can change any incorrect values by clicking on the underlined values above.

Change FIRM modal.png

Select a different flood zone by clicking the parcel's value for Flood Zone (this value is underlined and beneath the FIRM Info heading). On the next screen, titled Effective FIRM Determination or Preliminary FIRM Determination , you can view possible flood zones for the parcel along with corresponding BFE (FIRM) and BFE depth values.

Click to select the correct flood zone, then hit Save. You can also make this edit by clicking on the BFE (FIRM) value!