Map Elevation Certificates

Map Feature


We've added a map to your CRS dashboard to assist you with flood information requests and elevation certificate management. To navigate to this new feature, just click Map in the dark blue sidebar.

Your map currently has four data layers that can be turned on or off using the blue toggle switch:

Flood Zones

Zones X (shaded), AE, AO, AH, A, VE, and D are contained in this map layer, differentiated by color. Where applicable, zone BFEs and/or depths are displayed on the map.


The Coastal Barrier Resources System (CBRS) boundaries are included, along with the 20 ft CBRS buffer zones.


Your uploaded Elevation Certificates are now automatically displayed on the map as orange points. When zoomed out, Elevation Certificates that are either very close to one another or assigned to a single property are clustered under a larger icon displaying the number of ECs at the location. To get a closer look, either zoom in or click on the cluster for automatic zoom.

Land Information

The Land Information layer contains topographic contour lines for the map. Contour intervals are depicted directly on the contour lines in meters.

Address Details

For address-specific data, click on an EC point or use the search bar (titled Search for address) in the upper right hand corner.


An information window will appear with the following information:

  • Address
  • Flood Zone
  • BFE
  • Datum
  • FIRM Panel
  • FIRM Effective Date
  • Initial FIRM Date
  • CBRS

If the address has one or more associated Elevation Certificates, they will appear under Elevation Certificates in the window. Listed ECs are links, clicking on them will open the associated PDF in a new tab.

The information contained in the Address Detail window is given for a geocoded point, and should not be used as an official determination.

Create New Logs and Export Logs

Create New Log

Create New.png

Not all Assistance Requests will come through your Resident's Flood Information Center, so we've built a way for you to create a new log for any phone calls, walk-ins, and emails. Just click on the Create New button.

Once you've added a new log, we've also given you the ability to edit entries so that you can document information required for your CRS activities. This can also be done for any log that is created through your Resident's Flood Information Center. The fields you can edit include:

320 Map Information Services

  • Address
  • BFE
  • Flood Zone
  • Rep. Loss Area
  • FIRM Panel
  • Depth of BFE
  • Coastal A Zone or CBRS
  • Sensitive or Wetland Area

360 Flood Protection Assistance

  • On-site Visit
  • Property Protection Advice
  • Financial Advice
  • Insurance Information

For any additional notes on what you spoke about with the inquirer, you can write them down in the Notes field.

Export Logs

Export Logs.png

In order to receive credit for 320 Map Information Services and 360 Flood Protection Assistance, you'll need to submit your logs to your ISO rep.

To do this, we've recently added the ability to export your logs. When you click on the export button, you'll then be asked to select a period for your export. We have three options:

  • Recertification - This will export all logs that were created in your last recertification cycle (1 year).
  • Verification — This option will export all logs that were created in your last verification cycle (3 or 5 years).
  • All Logs — This option will export all logs that have been created in your account.