Forerunner changelog
Forerunner changelog

Status on Logs




Per popular request, we recently added a Status field on logs in Forerunner. With the addition of this field, users can better track their resident interactions by marking logs or requests that have been addressed as Complete. We also updated the Logs table with a Status column for users to view the current state of their logs at a high level.



DFE Determination Method




The ways that communities regulate to a freeboard (or don't) varies greatly across our partner communities. To accommodate a variety of different Design Flood Elevation use cases in the Forerunner software, users can now set a DFE Determination Method in the Settings tab of their account that will apply to all properties in the SFHA across their dashboard. The DFE Determination Methods are outlined below:

  • Automatic: The DFE is automatically calculated by Forerunner on properties using a freeboard value provided by users.
  • Manual: Users will be able to manually enter a DFE value on each property. This is for communities where DFE logic extends beyond just a single freeboard value.
  • Disabled: DFE and freeboard values will not appear on a given account.

DFE Determination Method.png

Custom warnings




The Custom Warnings feature allows teams to have more control over both the automated property warnings across their entire account and allows users to create custom warnings that may be unique to their community's workflows, regulations, or programs. Users are now able to create new warnings on their account to be toggled on all properties by clicking Add new warning on their new Warnings settings. Warning severity and visibility to the public is also now editable on Forerunner automated warnings in the same Warnings settings.


Logs page update




We updated the design of logs pages in the Forerunner dashboard to look more consistent with the other forms on the product. When a user views, creates or edits a log, the log will now be full page and have a more modern, clear UI. The content, fields and logs exports remained the same.


`Date Uploaded` column added to EC tables




We've added the ability for users and guests to view and filter Elevation Certificates by Date Uploaded on the Elevation Certificate tables on both the internal and public-facing dashboard. The feature was a popular request from users seeking to filter and sort Elevation Certificates not only by their issue date, but also the date that they were uploaded into the Forerunner system.


ArcGIS Base Map Layers




Forerunner can now support base map layers powered by third-party ArcGIS Imagery services which enabled accounts to have a community's most up-to-date aerial imagery on their dashboard map. Forerunner partner communities can share imagery through a web service with the Forerunner team that can be pulled into their dashboard map as a base layer.


Security Settings




We built out a security settings UI for users to configure their Forerunner security settings based on their community's specific IT security requirements. Users with Manager permissions can now update the following account security configurations directly in their Settings tab without having to reach out to the Forerunner team.

  • Session timeout configuration - select the number of minutes of inactivity in a session before a user is logged out
  • Lock accounts after failed login attempts - enable password expiration for all users in an account after a given time period
  • Password expiration configuration - select the number of failed login attempts until user accounts are locked

Security Settings.png

Track Location




We recently released a Track location feature on both the Forerunner internal dashboard map and public website map that zooms the map to a user's location on click. This feature is especially helpful for Forerunner users who pull up Forerunner on their mobile devices to use for their workflows while out in the field. Users can click the Track location button in the bottom righthand corner of the map and the map will automatically re-direct the viewport to the user's location upon click.

Zoom to Location.png

Explore Map Feature




The Explore Map feature allows residents and members of the public to click around and explore the dashboard map from each public-facing website without having to contact members of the team. Guest users are able to toggle all map layers publicly displayed including documents and warnings. This allows members of the public to not only explore individual properties, but also allows them to gain a high-level, visual understanding of flood risk of the entire community using the public map.

Public Map Feature2.png

Public Map Feature.png

Password Security Requirements




To make Forerunner more secure, we added additional validations and logic to enhance our password requirements. Users creating accounts and updating their passwords will now have additional password length and complexity requirements. User passwords are now required to be 8 characters minimum and have at least one number, one upper case letter and one special character.