Fluidcoins Inc. changelog
Fluidcoins Inc. changelog

Webhooks for unconfirmed blockchain deposits are now live






We now send web hooks for deposits that are considered incomplete. A successful Polygon transaction on Fluidcoins must have 14 or more confirmations. We now send web hook for each unsuccessful confirmation. You can use this to implement logic to show your user they have a pending transaction.

  "data": {
    "address_reference": "ADDR_6u_Jv9twFwrjASuty4H2P",
    "amount": 10000000,
    "coin": "BUSD",
    "destination_tag": 0,
    "domain": "live",
    "from": "0xca4fd81d1785cdbd4abdfde395c799ca19c12272",
    "hash": "0x8c9e9fa993bff5a5fc3d3e7d3c91ffe0090ed02a47d72e264ca346d7de73595a",
    "human_readable_amount": 10,
    "on_chain": {
      "block_hash": "0x8c9e9fa993bff5a5fc3d3e7d3c91ffe0090ed02a47d72e264ca346d7de73595a",
      "block_height": 22069640,
      "block_timestamp": 62135596800,
      "confirmations": 5, // new field
      "is_confirmed": false // new field
    "to": "0xa3244157ff31b2673377bb4c553dd275b54ffc0c",
  "event": "address.deposit"

Please note that it is only safe to provide value to the user when on_chain.is_confirmed is true. If it is false, you can make it a pending credit.

The confirmation time for each blockchain can be found at https://support.fluidcoins.com/en/articles/6462090-deposit-speed

You can now earn up to 6% per year on your stablecoins




You can now earn up to 6% per annum on your stablecoins which would be paid out daily.

There are no time locks. You can move funds into your earn wallet, earn today's interest and withdraw the next day at zero cost!

Only USDT is supported at this moment

WaaS: Solana integration now live




You can generate now Solana addresses via our API and get notified of USDT and USDC deposits on the address.

This is currently only available via API and would be rolled out to the checkout widget over the next few days.

The network code is SOL

You can now validate crypto wallet addresses via API






We have added a new api to validate an address is valid. This supports erc20, bep20, matic, trc20 and btc.

DAI stablecoin now available on Ethereum




We have completed the integration of the DAI stablecoin on the Ethereum blockchain. Your will now be able to receive USDT, USDC and DAI on any valid ERC20 address you previously generated or will generate sometime in the future.

DAI is available on:

  • Checkout
  • Wallets as a service
  • Crypto Payouts
  • Liquidity

USDC is now available on the Tron blockchain






USDC is now available on the Tron blockchain. You can now receive and send out USDC.

This is available with:

  • Payouts
  • Checkout widget
  • Wallet as a service

You can successfully deposit either USDT or USDC to a Tron address now

Enhanced SWAP API endpoint response




We updated the response returned from our swap API /swaps to be more descriptive about the action that just occurred. We now return more details about the currencies that got swapped

    "status": true,
    "message": "Swap quoted",
    "swap": {
        "from": {
            "currency": "Nigerian Naira",
            "amount": 100000,
            "human_readable_amount": 1000
        "to": {
            "currency": "USD Tether",
            "amount": 1725208,
            "human_readable_amount": 1.725208

Updates to the Swap API endpoint




We deprecated two params from and to. Please note that they will still work but will be eventually removed on May 10th.

We have replaced both of them with a currency object.

  "currency" : {
    "from" : "NGN",
    "to" : "USDT"

We think this is easier for you as you don't have to store the ID of your wallets. The old api required you to pass in {"from" : "uuid-of-wallet", "to": "uuid-of-wallet"}

Walletconnect now available on the Payment Widget: accept payments from 30+ mobile wallets




WalletConnect is an open-source technology that uses QR code scanning or deep linking to connect decentralized apps to mobile wallets. It allows us to support 30+ mobile apps when trying to accept payments from your customer.

Your customers are now able to pay you from mobile wallets such as Trust wallet, Metamask on mobile, Crypto.com DeFi Wallet, Rainbow wallet and others.

You can read more about this at https://fluidcoins.com/blog/walletconnect-is-now-integrated-with-fluidcoins

Custom fields now supported when creating a payment link






By default, we only collect the following from a customer when they want to pay you:

  • name
  • email
  • phone

But in some instances, you might need to accept more information. Assuming you run an online pharmacy and you need to collect the delivery address of your customer or ask them for known medical conditions and what not. That is currently not possible with the current Payment link so we built Custom fields. When you add a custom field to your payment link, the payment form will contain and require your customer to fill in that information.

This is available via the Dashboard and API.