Florence changelog
Florence changelog

🎈 Florence Changelog

👉 1.0

The initial release of Florence.

🧸 How to Update

👉👉 Please download the new version from your Account Dashboard then Extract the File to your computer and open up the folder and then extract the "florence.zip" and open up this folder and go to Files -> Themes and here Compress the Florence Folder and Install it to your site by removing the previous version.

For Divi Marketplace Users, you'll receive updates automatically and when you update the Theme all the custom code that you may have added yourself will be erased. So make sure to always have a backup.

TIP: Please make sure to take a backup before updating.

TIP #2: If you've added Custom CSS to Child Theme style.css file, please move it to Divi -> Theme Options -> Custom CSS. Because when you'll update the Child Theme It will override the CSS file and the CSS that you added will be removed. It will be safe in Theme Options.