Flamelink changelog
Flamelink changelog

Useability Improvements





Shareable links

You are now able to copy and share in-app links with anyone who has access to the same project within Flamelink (given they have the appropriate permissions to view the link contents). This can be useful in many ways for example - adding an edit button to your front-end for content editors to navigate directly to the content editor within Flamelink or quickly share a link to the individual content entry on your favourite chat app.

Image 2020-01-23 at 8.39.56 AM.png

Other Improvements & Bug Fixes

  • Ability to reset data sorting on table headers
  • Show file name on hover in the content editor
  • Fix broken images not shown in the editor, you are now able to remove broken images
  • Fix createdDate metadata stored as the incorrect type for content updates (CF only)