Flamelink changelog
Flamelink changelog

Theming 🎨






You can now easily select your project's primary colors and customize Flamelink the way you like it.


Copy from Language

Copy the content of an entry from another language into your selected content entry.



  • We've replaced the old date picker with a new one. Additionally, you can select to only have a month or year picker.
  • Styling for the Schema builder


  • Fix population of environment data that had missing media fields
  • Switching projects using Google Auth is working again
  • Date display formatting between editor and overview table
  • Fix workflow selector that was disabled after saving an entry
  • Fix Notification progress indicator
  • Fix "edit" link on collection sort screen
  • Remove autocomplete for Webhook config email and password fields
  • Fix layout alignment styling issue for the new content editor
  • Fix sortable list text overlap and toggle issues used in Navigation builder, Custom Links and collection sorting
  • Ensure date picker values set defaults correctly
  • Fix promotion of a new content entry for the Realtime Database


The date picker will now set the following defaults depending on the picker format selected:

  • Day, Month, Year: Date with zero hours, minutes, seconds and milliseconds
  • Month & Year: Same as above plus day set to 1
  • Year: Same as above with month set to January