Flamelink changelog
Flamelink changelog

Release Updates





Have you ever wished that you could extend your Cloud CMS with custom features you build yourself and have them included in the CMS? With Flamelink Extensions, you can.


Read more here for setup and examples


New Features

  • Custom Links: Extension type custom links
  • Content: Copy content entry for collection type entries


  • Content Overview: Add table settings to manage which columns to show
  • Media Manager: Add tooltip for file names
  • Media Manager: Show enlarged image on hover
  • Project: Enable long polling per device if needed (read more)


  • Fix meta-data not updated correctly for certain types
  • Fix invalid time value for table display (CF Timestamps)
  • Fix hide "hidden" fields from column selection
  • Fix showing placeholder entries based on remembered state
  • Fix external link not showing after entry was created
  • Fix toString of undefined error (SDK related)
  • Fix prevent settings from being removed/updated when running data integrity checks
  • Fix types for image quality to be number only

In addition to the above, package maintenance & security updates were made.