Flamelink changelog
Flamelink changelog

Release Updates





Image Editing

Flamelink users now have the ability to quickly and easily edit images directly within the Flamelink interface - no need for external tools. So whether you need to crop, colourise, add markup or a filter, Flamelink’s Image Editor has got it covered.

Screenshot 2021-03-09 at 13.54.03.png


New Features

  • Image Editing: Crop, colourise, add markup and filters
  • Bulk Status Change: Bulk change entry status and promote to linked environments (Cloud Firestore Only)


  • Range Slider: Always show range slider value and min/max points
  • WYSIWYG: Prevent stripping of some HTML5 attributes - now allows all HTML5 attributes
  • User Management: Show notice that Project Owners have full access regardless of assigned permission group
  • Accessibility: Improved contrasts for submenu items and table buttons
  • Content Editor: Add Media button for easy access to media for WYSIWYG editors
  • Content Overview: Optionally hide placeholder entries
  • Conditional Field Rules: Allow showing/hiding fields based on values for nested fields
  • Conditional Field Rules: Allow showing/hiding field based on the value of itself
  • Tables: Add option to view 250 entries per page


  • Fix additional permission groups showing for Flame plan users
  • Fix sorting with undefined/null values on table headers
  • Fix elaborate white space around text in Markdown Editor
  • Fix jpeg vs jpg extensions and uppercase extensions causing media uploads to fail
  • Fix nested validation / same key validation rules overwritten (fixes validation as a whole)
  • Fix URL redirect not setting environment correctly for direct navigation
  • Fix default image width/height not set when creating new image sizes
  • Fix inability to set default value for a number field to empty value
  • Fix adding a project with a regional RTDB URL
  • Fix adding a project without a Database URL (infer Database URL)
  • Fix plan summary and coupon value not updating correctly based on server values
  • Fix content overview checkbox selection not cleared when switching environments
  • Fix copying values from locale does not map relational entries correctly
  • Fix selected entries after pagination for table entries

In addition to the above, additional enhancements, package maintenance, billing features & security updates were made.