Flamelink changelog
Flamelink changelog

Extended Data Manager (EDM)





The Extended Data Manager (EDM) allows you to map your existing Cloud Firestore data to Flamelink, allowing you to supercharge the management of your data without needing to port your existing data to the pre-defined Flamelink data structures.



New Features

  • Extended Data Manager (EDM) for Cloud Firestore (read more)
  • Schemas: Geopoint Field for Cloud Firestore
  • Schemas: Timestamp Field for Cloud Firestore



  • Billing: Extended Data Manager Add-on for relevant subscription plans
  • Schemas: Ability to map schema to existing collection/document (CF)
  • Schemas: Capability for Relational fields to work with extended schemas
  • Webhooks: Capability for extended schemas
  • Multi-locales: Capability for extended schemas
  • Multi-environment: Capability for extended schemas
  • Workflows: Capability for extended schemas
  • Permissions: Capability for extended schemas
  • Backup & Restore: Capability for extended schemas
  • Tables: Caterfor tooltips where needed



  • Media Manager: SVG's wrapped with additional elements upon upload
  • Content Overview: Reset selected
  • Account: Sync schemas with account when pulling data between environments  

In addition to the above, package maintenance & security updates were made.