Flamelink changelog
Flamelink changelog

Extended Data Manager (EDM)





The Extended Data Manager (EDM) allows you to map your existing Cloud Firestore data to Flamelink, allowing you to supercharge the management of your data without needing to port your existing data to the pre-defined Flamelink data structures.



New Features

  • Extended Data Manager (EDM) for Cloud Firestore (read more)
  • Schemas: Geopoint Field for Cloud Firestore
  • Schemas: Timestamp Field for Cloud Firestore



  • Billing: Extended Data Manager Add-on for relevant subscription plans
  • Schemas: Ability to map schema to existing collection/document (CF)
  • Schemas: Capability for Relational fields to work with extended schemas
  • Webhooks: Capability for extended schemas
  • Multi-locales: Capability for extended schemas
  • Multi-environment: Capability for extended schemas
  • Workflows: Capability for extended schemas
  • Permissions: Capability for extended schemas
  • Backup & Restore: Capability for extended schemas
  • Tables: Caterfor tooltips where needed



  • Media Manager: SVG's wrapped with additional elements upon upload
  • Content Overview: Reset selected
  • Account: Sync schemas with account when pulling data between environments  

In addition to the above, package maintenance & security updates were made.

Release Updates





Have you ever wished that you could extend your Cloud CMS with custom features you build yourself and have them included in the CMS? With Flamelink Extensions, you can.


Read more here for setup and examples


New Features

  • Custom Links: Extension type custom links
  • Content: Copy content entry for collection type entries


  • Content Overview: Add table settings to manage which columns to show
  • Media Manager: Add tooltip for file names
  • Media Manager: Show enlarged image on hover
  • Project: Enable long polling per device if needed (read more)


  • Fix meta-data not updated correctly for certain types
  • Fix invalid time value for table display (CF Timestamps)
  • Fix hide "hidden" fields from column selection
  • Fix showing placeholder entries based on remembered state
  • Fix external link not showing after entry was created
  • Fix toString of undefined error (SDK related)
  • Fix prevent settings from being removed/updated when running data integrity checks
  • Fix types for image quality to be number only

In addition to the above, package maintenance & security updates were made.

Release Updates





Image Editing

Flamelink users now have the ability to quickly and easily edit images directly within the Flamelink interface - no need for external tools. So whether you need to crop, colourise, add markup or a filter, Flamelink’s Image Editor has got it covered.

Screenshot 2021-03-09 at 13.54.03.png


New Features

  • Image Editing: Crop, colourise, add markup and filters
  • Bulk Status Change: Bulk change entry status and promote to linked environments (Cloud Firestore Only)


  • Range Slider: Always show range slider value and min/max points
  • WYSIWYG: Prevent stripping of some HTML5 attributes - now allows all HTML5 attributes
  • User Management: Show notice that Project Owners have full access regardless of assigned permission group
  • Accessibility: Improved contrasts for submenu items and table buttons
  • Content Editor: Add Media button for easy access to media for WYSIWYG editors
  • Content Overview: Optionally hide placeholder entries
  • Conditional Field Rules: Allow showing/hiding fields based on values for nested fields
  • Conditional Field Rules: Allow showing/hiding field based on the value of itself
  • Tables: Add option to view 250 entries per page


  • Fix additional permission groups showing for Flame plan users
  • Fix sorting with undefined/null values on table headers
  • Fix elaborate white space around text in Markdown Editor
  • Fix jpeg vs jpg extensions and uppercase extensions causing media uploads to fail
  • Fix nested validation / same key validation rules overwritten (fixes validation as a whole)
  • Fix URL redirect not setting environment correctly for direct navigation
  • Fix default image width/height not set when creating new image sizes
  • Fix inability to set default value for a number field to empty value
  • Fix adding a project with a regional RTDB URL
  • Fix adding a project without a Database URL (infer Database URL)
  • Fix plan summary and coupon value not updating correctly based on server values
  • Fix content overview checkbox selection not cleared when switching environments
  • Fix copying values from locale does not map relational entries correctly
  • Fix selected entries after pagination for table entries

In addition to the above, additional enhancements, package maintenance, billing features & security updates were made.

Release Updates

The Flamelink team has been quite busy over the last couple of months, so we thought we would share some of our recent progress on new features & enhancements.

New Features

  • Custom Branding: In addition to Theming, users can now add that personal touch by adding custom branding per project

  • Direct Project Login: Simplify the life of your non-technical users by allowing them to directly login to a project


  • Media Management: Improved browsing, filtering, and previewing of media with the addition of bulk and inline actions

  • Wysiwyg: Addition of Code Snippet and Mathjax plugin

  • Color Picker: Allow alpha values

  • Linked Text: This field now supports multiple transformations

  • Schemas/Content: Show or hide form fields conditionally based on rules

  • UI: Set default collapsed state behaviour for both Repeater and Field Group fields

  • Security: Auto fix UID mismatching between Flamelink & User Project (Prevents manual intervention and login issues related to deleted users)


  • Subscription Plans: To make Flamelink accessible to as many different types of projects as possible, we’ve added more flexibility into our pricing

  • Coupons: Customers can now enjoy additional discounts with special offer coupons

  • Hosted Invoices: Customers can now enquire to make use of hosted invoices and manual payments

In addition to the above, a total of 220+ improvement updates & enhancements were made.

Theming 🎨






You can now easily select your project's primary colors and customize Flamelink the way you like it.


Copy from Language

Copy the content of an entry from another language into your selected content entry.



  • We've replaced the old date picker with a new one. Additionally, you can select to only have a month or year picker.
  • Styling for the Schema builder


  • Fix population of environment data that had missing media fields
  • Switching projects using Google Auth is working again
  • Date display formatting between editor and overview table
  • Fix workflow selector that was disabled after saving an entry
  • Fix Notification progress indicator
  • Fix "edit" link on collection sort screen
  • Remove autocomplete for Webhook config email and password fields
  • Fix layout alignment styling issue for the new content editor
  • Fix sortable list text overlap and toggle issues used in Navigation builder, Custom Links and collection sorting
  • Ensure date picker values set defaults correctly
  • Fix promotion of a new content entry for the Realtime Database


The date picker will now set the following defaults depending on the picker format selected:

  • Day, Month, Year: Date with zero hours, minutes, seconds and milliseconds
  • Month & Year: Same as above plus day set to 1
  • Year: Same as above with month set to January

Useability Improvements





Shareable links

You are now able to copy and share in-app links with anyone who has access to the same project within Flamelink (given they have the appropriate permissions to view the link contents). This can be useful in many ways for example - adding an edit button to your front-end for content editors to navigate directly to the content editor within Flamelink or quickly share a link to the individual content entry on your favourite chat app.

Image 2020-01-23 at 8.39.56 AM.png

Other Improvements & Bug Fixes

  • Ability to reset data sorting on table headers
  • Show file name on hover in the content editor
  • Fix broken images not shown in the editor, you are now able to remove broken images
  • Fix createdDate metadata stored as the incorrect type for content updates (CF only)

A brand new content editor





Content Editor

Our content editor has been rewritten from the ground up with performance in mind. Managing your content should be fast and effortless. 🏎 The new editor is faster for complex data structures and more reliable.

Side Navigation

Say hello to a brand new collapsible navigation! This new navigation comes with numerous improvements for the mobile experience.


Other Improvements & Bug fixes

  • Lots of styling updates to bring the app more in line with Flamelink brand.
  • The project's ID, selected environment and locale is now shown in the URL.
  • Tag fields now share options between other entries in the same collection.
  • It is now possible to specify a default value for single or multi-select fields.
  • Field groups and repeater fields now persist their collapsed state.
  • Fix persistence for user sessions using Google Auth.
  • Fix broken gifs after resizing job.

File Uploads





👏 Uploading files just became a little bit better. Progress indications, drop files or folders anywhere and see the number of image resizing jobs that need to be completed.

Progress Indications

Tired of knowing how long it will take before your file will be done uploading? Great so were we 😄 You can now see the progress of each file being uploaded.

Background Resize Jobs

A nifty indicator has been added to the Menu and Media Manager indicating the number of image resizing jobs that need to be completed.

Drag and Drop 2.0

You can now drop folders (the folders sadly will not be created but all the contents will be added to your upload list).

You can drop files anywhere and it will be added to your upload list.

A feature we hope you never use





Today we're releasing a mini-feature that we hope you never use.

When you remove your profile or project, we've implemented a quick multiple-choice selector to help us understand why you've decided to part ways. 😢

The feedback that we get will help us make Flamelink better for everyone.

Stay up to date with new changes!





What's new widget

We've added an in-app changelog so that you're always up to date with all the updates, improvements and fixes that we make.

Even though we work on Flamelink all the time, sometimes it may seem that not much is happening. This changelog is here to improve the communication between you and us.

You'll receive an update when we change something in the widget, or if needed all things we've changed is available on our public changelog page.

Nested field groups

Previously, you were limited to 4 levels of nested field groups. We've extended this to 8 levels for both Cloud Firestore and the Firebase Realtime Database. Firestore has a limitation of 20 levels of any nested objects or arrays, and this roughly translates to 8 levels of schema fields within Flamelink.

Disclaimer: having extremely nested fields is not recommended because it will be hard for content editors to manage content in these structures. In the future, we'll improve the UI situation for nested components.

Downgrade reason

We want to know you, our users, better. As part of this effort, we’ve introduced a quick multiple-choice selector to the project downgrade page. Instead of a lengthy questionnaire, we only ask that you select one of the predefined options for why you are downgrading.

Profile Menu

The profile menu in the top right of the app has had a facelift. No longer will the menu fly open when you hover over it by mistake. To open your profile menu, click to toggle it open and closed. As a bonus, we improved the keyboard accessibility for all the header icons, including this menu.

Minor fixes and improvements

  • Column headers for mobile tables weren’t translated; now they are.
  • The source view editor for the WYSIWYG field did not persist the changes after “save”, but it is behaving now.
  • Location field error was cut short
  • The animation for content cards have been improved

Geeky things

We’re already code-splitting our bundles to improved loading performance in the app, but there’s always more that can be done. In this release, we’ve further split out heavier packages that you might not be using. If you’re not using it, why should you download it, right?