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Filmhub updates

Popularity Ranking for Channel Buyers


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We're excited to announce that Channel Buyers may now search Filmhub's catalog by Popularity Ranking. Popularity Ranking is powered by our proprietary machine learning algorithms using data sets including earnings across channels on Filmhub, festival awards, cast, consumer views and channel orders.

It also serves as an indispensable tool to tune curated selections by using other filters in parallel such as genre, topics, and production country. For further information please visit our Help Center.

Licensing films as a Channel Buyer should be just as easy as a consumer's browsing experience on their favorite streaming service. By helping Channel Buyers with easier tools to review our catalog we can provide them with more relevant content and increase earnings for Content Owners.

Interested in becoming a Channel on Filmhub and gaining access to license over 12,000 titles? Please fill out this form and a member of our distribution team will be in touch.