Filmhub updates
Filmhub updates

Announcing: Risk Free Listing Fixes





One of the hardest pieces of distribution for filmmakers is getting their assets to meet the technical standards of streaming services. Today we're launching a risk-free program to help filmmakers meet these standards.

Learn more.

Filmhub Launches Collections for Channel Buyers





With Collections, Channel buyers now get the same data-driven recommendations based on topics that consumers get when they turn on their favorite streaming service!

See here for our press release.

An Interview w/our CEO Alan d'Escragnolle by Valiant CEO Magazine

Our CEO & Co-Founder, Alan d’Escragnolle, was recently interviewed on his thoughts on leadership and building a company by Valiant CEO Magazine.

Check out the interview here.

Videobyte is licensing titles on Filmhub!


New Channel



Videobyte is planning to build multiple standalone branded apps across many different genres. Their first channel Chewee is scheduled to launch in Q4 of this year!

See their Channel page for more info.

Hulu is licensing titles on Filmhub!


New Channel



Hulu is licensing titles on Filmhub! Please note that Hulu is extremely selective in the titles they are taking. They review titles based on known actors and high production value. Generally, they are only interested in first-run titles, but will also evaluate older titles as well. If Hulu is interested in one of your titles, Filmhub will touch base with you as these are longer-term up front deals and are not based on revenue share.

Blog Post: 8 Mockumentaries that 'Go To Eleven'!


New Blog Post



Sometimes we need a mockumentary rather than a documentary…

Check out these 8 awesome mockumentaries distributed on Filmhub.

Blog Post: 7 Neo-Noir Gems on Filmhub!


New Blog Post



With many 21st century auteurs making their dent in the genre, we are now in a golden age of neo-noir.

Here are 7 neo-noir gems in the Filmhub catalog.

Blog Post: 8 Films Brilliantly Set in a Single Location


New Blog Post



We're happy to not be stuck in one place anymore…but check out these 8 awesome films from filmmakers on Filmhub shot in a single location:

Check out these 8 films shot in a single location!

Blog Post: TMDb, IMDb & Rotten Tomatoes


New Blog Post



Check out our new blog post on the importance of getting your film on ratings and review sites:

List your Indie Film on IMDb, TMDb, and Rotten Tomatoes

Listing Review Updates


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Over the past few months we've been beefing up our documentation on our listing review process to help content owners get their titles listed quickly.

Check out these new articles here:

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