Unreel Channels

Filmhub welcomes Unreel as a new channel partner. Unreel operates a streaming platform of multiple channels. All channels are available on Roku in North America, including:

Action Flix is an AVOD channel focused on Action/Adventure titles. It licenses features and episodic content.

Bumblebee TV carries content across all genres and all lengths: shorts, series, and features. In addition to Roku, this AVOD channel is available via iOS, Android, tvOS, Web, and Amazon Fire TV.

Christmas Zone is a channel devoted to Christmas, all year round. In additon to Roku, it is available via iOS, Android, Web and Amazon Fire TV

Date Night is an AVOD channel that licenses features and series, with a focus on love, romance, romantic comedies, and topics great for a date night.

Drama Flix is an AVOD channel that licenses features and episodic content with a focus on dramas.

Halloween Flix is a horror channel. Available via Roku, iOS, Android, tvOS Web, and Amazon Fire TV. Halloween Flix viewers are able to engage by entering comments with specific time stamps, allowing discussions about specific scenes and jumping to scenes based on comments.

JustHorror is a horror channel focused on feature films, but will take series and shorts.

Now You Know's tagline is "All the World's knowledge in one place!" Their target audience are life-long learners. The channel features videos, movies, and series focused on cutting edge science, tech, history, philosophy and more. It is available on Roku, iOS, Android, tvOS, Web, Vizio and Amazon Fire TV

Taste It is a channel devoted to foodies. Available via Roku, iOS, Android, tvOS, Web, Vizio and Amazon Fire TV, Taste It focuses on shorts and series.

Tremor is an AVOD channel that licenses thrilling movies.

New Channel: OBBOD

FIlmhub signed up OBBOD, the streaming channel based in Prague, Czech Republic. The streaming platform selects from all genres and formats, "produced by major studios and smaller and independent producers, TV shows, fairy tales and children’s stories, art and festival films, and also a number of interesting documentaries" (OBBOD).

OBBOD streams to audiences in the Czech Republic and the Slovak Republic.

Filmhub users get the benefit of localization of their content for Czech and Slovakian audiences - i.e. translation of subtitles and metdata like description - by Obbod through this distribution agreement. Content already localized has a higher chance of licensing, though.

Audience subscribe monthly by use of the GoPay payment gateway. One-time purchases for selected titles are made via the GoPay payment gateway or SMS payment.

New support widget and help center

We now have a brand new support widget and a redesigned Help Center. It will allow you to find the answers you need more easily and allow managing your requests more efficiently.

To get help, click the icon in the bottom right corner:

Screen Shot 2019-02-13 at 10.52.01 AM.png

In the widget, you can search for articles in our Help Center, or click "Start a conversation" to contact us.

Top New Features:

  • Direct chat with our team. We usually respond within a few hours
  • Answer bot - when our team is not immediately available, the answer bot analyzes your request and suggests answers
  • Never miss our response - leave your email address to receive it in your inbox

These are just a few of the many new features and integrations we are working on. Try it out and let us know you think.

New channel: Dokku

Filmhub welcomes Dokku as our 74th Channel.

Dokku is based in Canada with a mission to support documentary filmmakers with funding and distribution.

More information about Dokku is available in the Filmhub app Dokku channel description. See also our in-app up-to-date list of channels. Check back often as we sign up channels constantly.

Channel activity, dashboard update

Content owners now see a brand new dashboard on login.

Screen Shot 2019-01-18 at 1.03.10 AM.png

You'll see your Catalog listed on the left, and the new Channel activity card on the right.

The Catalog card shows the title format (Single work, Series, Episode) now as a space saving icon. The QC status now also shows the locked icon for titles submitted for distribution.

Channel activity lists all the action of your titles with the channels on our platform - orders, go-live, special promotions etc. and the effected channels are shown here on a timeline.

The filter by title name moved up to the navbar. It now affects both Catalog and Channel activity at the same time. For example, filter by a title shows only this title and its activity.

You can still download your catalog as csv - the button moved to the lower right of the Catalog card. Reminder this no longer needs checking your email for a download link: csv exports now start streaming immediately.

New Channel - Pnnny

Filmhub welcomes Pnnny (pronounced: Penny) as our 73rd Channel.


Pnnny has created a first of its kind video platform with a unique Pay-As-You-Go Video On-Demand (PVOD) model. A hybrid TVOD/SVOD approach.

More information about Pnnny and all Filmhub channels is available in the app under Channels.

Background downloads

CSV exports now stream in the background. You can continue to work in the web app while the download is finishing.

Improved were all CSV exports across the app, including

  • Global Avails for channels
  • Dashboard for content owners
  • QC dashboard exports for team users

Here's how it works: After clicking on Download CSV, a new browser tab opens temporarily, starting the download and closing itself again. The download then continues, while you can keep working from where you left it off. (You might be familiar with this behavior from Google Mail and other well known web apps.)

CSV streaming downloads

CSV exports no longer require checking your email for a download link. Instead, the download starts in-browser and continues streaming until complete.

CSV exports can be fairly substantial and the download can take some time. Wait for the download to complete before opening the csv file, just like any other download of large files on the internet.

Performance Insights, Visualize your performance data in real time

Our most requested feature to date is now available for you. Performance Insights allow you to visualize your performance data and see how your titles are performing in real-time.

See Performance Metrics Screen Shot 2018-11-01 at 12.09.05 PM.png

View Revenue Performance over time.

Screen Shot 2018-11-01 at 12.09.15 PM.png

Data is also available in summary and detailed table views Screen Shot 2018-11-01 at 11.23.51 AM.png

Screen Shot 2018-11-01 at 11.24.27 AM.png

All visualizations are dynamically updated by filters: date, country, and/or title.

Available now from your dashboard.

To learn more you can watch a tutorial video or read our Help Desk article

Feature wishlist

We added the list of current feature ideas, along with their current status, assessment, and position in the roadmap. This list is read-only. Before submitting a new idea, you can see if it already exists.

NOTE: This feature is currently available for team members only. Please let us know if you want to be on the waiting list for wider rollout).

No published changelogs yet.

Surely Filmhub will start publishing changelogs very soon.

Check out our other public changelogs: Buffer, Mention, Respond by Buffer, JSFiddle, Olark, Droplr, Piwik Pro, Prott, Ustream, ViralSweep, StartupThreads, Userlike, Unixstickers, Survicate, Envoy, Gmelius, CodeTree